Monday, 2 August 2010

Squad Markings

I wasn't really sure how to use the decal sheets to number my squads and vehicles so I asked around to see how it is suppose to be. The squad numbering work as follows:

Company Command Squad: company number/skull/1

Platoon Command Squad: company number/platoon number/0

Infantry Squad: company number/platoon number/infantry squad number

Veterans : 0/0/veteran squad number

So my army is based on the 3rd company of the 122nd Cadian regiment, simply for the fact that there are more "3"s on the cadian decal sheet. So the squad markings will be like this:

Cadian 122 Regiment

3rd Company

Company Command HQ: 301

1st Platoon
Platoon Command Section: 310
1st Squad: 311
2nd Squad: 312

Veteran Squad : 005

Hope this makes sense!


  1. Squad numbers are always a pain to get right. I did mine wrong but just couldn't be bothered to go back and re order them all. Are you going for decals for the numbers then?

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  2. When I painted my first guardmen a few years back I had no idea how this whole thing supposed to work. I used the ready made decal on the cadian sheet. Now I am in the process of sanding them down and applying them all over.
    I use the Forge World decal sheet for the vehicles. For the infantry I have to slice up the squad marking from the Cadian sheet. Trying to cut up a single "1" and then glue it in place is not much fun but it's doable and I am opting for this method.