Friday, 1 October 2010

The boyz are back in town!

So, here is my ork army in all it's glory.  They have been inactive for a few months so it's good to take them out for some fresh air. The pictures are not very good but unfortunately I couldn't fit all this orkiness inside my lightbox. There are many miniatures that are not fully painted yet. Just tried to have the minimum tournament standard for them so I could use them for Saturday. In case you are wondering, these custom Deff Rollas were created by Mihalis "Cadaver" Skalkos who is an orky conversion genius.  So enjoy the pictures and leave your comments if you will.


  1. Good stuff! I like the different colours you've used on the vehicles, it'll look great once finished.

    How many points is that all up?

  2. Glad you liked it althought they are a long way from being finished. At least I painted the boyz (exept their nobs) and the grotz (exept for the runtherd) up to a good standard.

    All together is 1750 points, I've published the list in a previous post.

  3. You make me blush..! XD

    Great stuff!! Lets see now, where have I put mine, I have to pack for tommorow ;)

    See you on the battlefield (hopefully...)

  4. "See you on the battlefield (hopefully...) "

    Only if you want to lose...em, I mean draw again! :P

  5. Good Luck. Go get first place!

  6. Thanks Brandon although I doupt it. I'll do my best though (and maybe get a best Hagrid lookalike award, who knows?).