Thursday, 14 October 2010

New Layout Design

As the content of my blog kept expanding, I realised that the old layout no longer fulfilled it purpose. When I started out I thought that I would be mainly focused on painting. As it turned out, I really enjoyed writing battle reports so this became one of my main subjects (plus my painting slowed down...). Furthermore I found out that people wanted to know about the tactics I use with my armies. I had to cater for these two new important categories on my header menu.

Also I had the top blogger tab blogger removed a while back. I think it didn't fit with the rest of the layout so I didn't want it there. Since the important "Follow" link was missing though I added it in my header as well. I hope the page is easier to navigate now and it will prove even more useful while I keep adding more content. Many thanks to Leah who designed my layout once more!

So check it out and tell me how it is working for you. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.


  1. The header image is way too big. It takes up 1/2 the screen and i'm on a high resolution, 24" monitor. A waste of space imo

  2. Yes, I would agree with that. Maybe trim the pic a little bit and make the fonts a tad smaller.

  3. Thanks a lot guys, now my wife is going to kick my butt for having to redo the layout :P

    I wanted a big header so people could navigate the whole blog from it but yeah seems out it turned out a little bit too big. Easy it is to find stuff in the blog by the way?