Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ork Week over at Claws and Fists

It seems that whatever I do, I cannot escape the Orks. After a few weeks I had to deal with them for a tournament now they strike back. That's good news of course since orks are awesome!

The good people of Claws and Fists blog are having an ork fiesta this week. They usually deal with Space Wolves and generally Power Armour clad armies but they seem to have succumbed to the awesomeness that is the Orks.

They were kind enough asking me to contribute to their blog by writing an article about my favourite units in the Ork codex. You can find the post here. I've been playing with orks for a while now and had some success with them (albeit only domestically) so I have a fairly good understanding of their units. I am not saying that everything else in the codex is unplayable, I just prefer some over some other. I will sent them another article over the next few days to sum up my review.

May the WAAAGH!!! be with you, guys!


  1. orks are awesome!! you are Awesome!!love you ^^ xoxo

  2. Orks are indeed awesome baby and so are you! XXX