Monday, 15 November 2010

Warbands League Round 3

warhammer battle
Having missed the previous round due to my health's poor condition at that time, I was really looking forward playing a league game again. Six sweaty gamers packed tightly inside a small room for eight hours is just irresistible! Plus, all of our opponents were using orks so this would be very interesting.

It was also the time for the trimonthly meeting with the Imperial Seals guys. Around ten of us met at a very decadent cafe in the city center. We had a few quality hours bickering about the feasibility of the Imperial socioeconomic infrastructure. Fun times! Meeting went very well and we totally geeked out and had a great time. We will probably run a tournament with alternative scenarios in the future but that is a different story.

Stavros (aka Talos) gave me and Leonidas (of the Dark Eldar fame) a lift to the place we were going to play (bless his soul) and after a few mishaps (running out of car battery, getting lost, finding no parking etc.) we finally got there. My game was against Ogyon who is also the main organiser of Warbands League. He was using two nob biker units each with different equipment for wound allocation, 2 biker bosses and a trukk with 10 orks and their nob. I was using this list with the addition of Master of the Ordnance.

The board didn't really have much LoS blocking terrain (which is good for me) but enough  to place my infantry inside. We rolled Seize Ground with 3 objectives, Pitched Battle and my opponent won the dice roll and went first (ouch). I placed 2 of the objectives pretty much into the open thinking that I could shoot him to  bits if he tried to camp on them.

I set up along the board with each unit next to each other but with enough distance between them so that he couldn't multi-charge too many of them at once. I had good LoS to both of his units that started on the board (trukk with boyz was in reserves). I didn't steal the initiative so he unsurprisingly turbo boosted both of his biker units as close as possible to me in order to multi charge next turn. So, yeah, enemy was at the gates. I used 'Weaken Resolve' from the psykers to the nob biker mob that I found less threatening at the time (further away and out of range from a few of my weapons). Then I fired an indirect shot from the Manticore and bam, they were pinned. Rest of the army shot at the other biker team but only managed to kill a couple (some lucky +3 cover saves there) and score a few wounds that were distributed between the models (I was at the other end of rules abusing there, God punished me).

In his turn he multi-charged the Company Command Squad's chimera, Medusas and Hydras and managed to destroy all of them. Nice! My next turn I tried to pull the same trick as before with the psykers. I rolled a double "1" for their psychic test though and lost a couple and the Manticore scattered widely so it didn't work. Ooops! I had a few beers at that point though so I didn't care much. Good way to give a handicap to your opponent by the way. He proceeded and killed my CCS and an Infantry squad along with the Psyker's chimera (lost another 1 and the Overseer).

In my third turn the funniest thing happened. One Manticore blast scattered on the Psykers and killed two of them. The lone guy passed his pinning check and proceeded to use his measly -1 Leadership modifier to the Nob unit in front of him. My opponent and a couple of other guys that were watching the game laughed at this feeble attempt. After I killed a couple of nobs he was forced to take a Morale check. He rolled a "9" which he would normally pass if it wasn't for the -1 Ld from the psyker. He rerolled using the boss pole  and the result was another "9". The unit fell back along with the warboss and because they were below half strength they couldn't regroup. Who is laughing now, eh?

Last couple of turns were a bit unexciting since both our forced were heavily depleted. I disembarked my veterans and killed a few more nobs but then they got charged and died.  I managed to grab a couple of objectives on the last turn by embarking one infantry squad in a Vendetta and fly them 24'' forward and the other by moving my Platoon Command Squad with their Chimera then disembarking and running. At the end of the day our team got 11 points  (with one concede in our favour) and our opponents got 7 so we won.

In retrospect I did a major mistake at the deployment. I should have surrounded the vehicles with my infantry squads and keep some distance between them so that my opponent couldn't multi-charge me. Ten guardsmen are enough to surround a couple of chimera chassis vehicles and this way my opponent would be forced to attack only them (since he has to charge unengaged models). I would sacrifice a few infantry squads this way but at least my tanks could do some more damage for 1 more turn which could be enough.
Furthermore on my second turn I should have used weaken resolve on the squad that got the casualties on the first turn and tried to break them while they were under half strength instead of trying to pin the other squad again. Ah, and next time less beers!!!

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