Thursday, 30 December 2010

Battle Log for 2010

This year, especially during and after the summer, found me quite active in the 40K front. I attended a few tournaments (big and small) and got involved with the Warbands league. Had a chance to play against many new people and made some friends along the way. I got to play many of the scenarios from the Battlemissions supplment with Stefanos (battle reports here and here) and a few more friendly games.

I've been keeping a record for my battle result in the last few months. It's a good way to remember things for the future and also do a bit of a statistical analysis. I am mainly interested in the results of tournaments game of course since friendly games are somewhat different than competitive play. So here is what I got for this year:

With Orks:

John Doe, Blood Angels, FS Fair Spring 2010 Win

Mιχάλης, Necrons, FS Fair Spring 2010 Win

Αλεξ , White Scars, FS Fair Spring 2010 Loss

Τζον Πάρκς, Imperial Guard, FS Fair Spring 2010 Loss

Σερίφης, CSM, FS Fair Spring 2010 Win

Μάνος, Daemons, FS Fair Winter 2010 Win

Lucifer, CSM, FS Fair Winter 2010 Win

Moskitokiller, Dark Eldar, FS Fair Winter 2010 Win

With Imperial Guard:

25/09/2010, Just a Justicar, Space Marines, FS Καλλιθέα Tournament Draw

25/09/2010, John Doe, Space Marines, FS Καλλιθέα Tournament Win

25/09/2010, Mandragoras, Daemons, FS Καλλιθέα Tournament Win

28/11/2010, Talos, Necrons, FS Κηφισιά Tournament Win

28/11/2010, Νίκος Δήμας, CSM, FS Κηφισιά Tournament Win

28/11/2010, Ζήσης, Blood Angels, FS Κηφισιά Tournament Loss

Not too bad then, even though I failed to finish first in any of the tournaments. I hope I can manage that next year.


  1. Go White Scars!!!

    You have a pretty good record there, you should be proud of yourself!

  2. Damn you White Scars!!!

    Cheers Brandon! The records look good,yes,but it's very situational at best. And I always manage to lose when it counts :(