Friday, 17 December 2010

I succumbed to the Red Thirst!

First of all let me explain myself. I am not jumping on the Blood Angel bandwagon. If I wanted to do that it would have been six months ago, not now. Plus, I am not going to use a razorspam/predspam list at all. Nope! I am really tired of using mech heavy list so I want something that looks and plays totally different.

Don't get me wrong, I love my mech/hybrid Guard army. Fun to play and also really powerful. However I am fed up with having to carry 3 cases and having to set up 10+ vehicles and all the infantry. Also shooting with all these units is very time consuming. I want a new army that I can use for friendly, fast games and also that I could take to a tournament for a laugh. A Blood Angel jumper list seems ideal for this.

I looked around in the blogsphere (3++, C&F, ID etc) for some ideas and came up with the following three lists for 1750. Even though they are all based on the same principles (FC and FnP bubbles and jumpacks) they should play quite differently:
Red Marines can Jump 
Librarian, Jump Pack, The Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius
Honour Guard, Jumpacks. 4 meltagun
2 x Sanguinary Priest, Jumpack, Lightning Claw
10 Assault Marines, 2 Meltagun, Sergeant (Lightning Claw)
10 Assault Marines, 2 Meltagun, Sergeant (Power Fist)
3 x Vanguard Veterans, Jumpacks, 2 Storm Shield, Power Fist + Storm Shield, Sergeant (Glaive)

This is the purest jumper list I could think of. Everything should stay in reserve and come via deep strike. If you combat squad the Assault Squads you could have 6 units (Librarian, Honour Guard, 4 x Combat Squads) with the potential to destroy a vehicle upon arrival.

One of the strong points of the list is the Vanguards being able to assault after they deep strike. With only D6'' scatter (minus 1,5'' for the bases you are going to place) I think that they are pretty reliable to get stuck in. They can tie up units that can be very problematic to the rest of the army (longfangs, trueborns, MC etc.). 

Blood Hammer
Librarian, Jump Pack, The Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius
2 x Sanguinary Priest, Jumpack, Lightning Claw, Meltabombs
Sanguinary Guard, Power First, Inferus Pistol
10 Assault Marines, 2 Meltagun, Sergeant (Infernus Pistol, Lightning Claw)
10 Assault Marines, 2 Meltagun, Sergeant (Power Fist)
5 Assault Marines, Meltagun
3 x 10 Devastators, 4 Missile Launchers

This list introduces something new in the Jumpers army. Long range firepower! The Devastator squads are 10 man strong so that they can be combat squaded and shoot at 6 different targets each turn. The extra guys are also a potent meat shield for the precious heavy weapon specialists.

The Sanguinary Guard and one of the Assault Squads should start the game on the table so that they draw away some enemy fire from the Devs. They can also protect them from fast moving assault enemy units (nob bikers, TWC etc.).

Commander Dante
Librarian, Jump Pack, The Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius
2 x Sanguinary Priest, Jumpack, Lightning Claw
3 x Sanguinary Guard, Power Fist, 2 x Infernus Pistol
2 x Sanguinary Guard, Power Fist, Infernus Pistol

This is the simplest list to play with but also the least potent in my opinion. Almost all the models in the list are going to get a 2+ Save and Feel no Pain so they won't die easily unless they get shot by AP1 or AP2 weapons. You should take extra care when playing though so that they always get a cover save. Worst case scenario keep them in range of the Librarian for Shield of Sanguinius.

I think only Dante with one Squad should be kept in reserve. Then when they arrive with great precision with Deepstrike they could take out a vehicle with their Infernus Pistols. Rest of the squads should be deployed on the table and cautiously advance towards the enemy.


After some thinking and talking with other BA players, I am going for the first list. Seems the most fun to play  and also should be quite different to my Guard or Ork armies. To make the list I am going to purchase the following items:

I will need jumpacks for the above models so 2 x Jumpacks 
3 x Vanguard (Death Company) I will remove all Death Company iconography but apart from that I think they are blinged enough to look like BA veterans.
I also need 9 Meltaguns in the list so I'll have to order 2 x Meltagun
As for the Storm Shield I am thinking either these or these. Which ones do you think would look better?
The main issue is the Lightning Claws but I hope I will find some from Assault Termies since most people don't use them.
What do you think? Did I miss something? The whole army is going to cost around 220 euros which is not bad at all. This is also a major factor that made me want to start the army (most mech armies would cost more than 350 euros).


  1. Personally, I don't think that jumper angels are that competitive. They hit hard the first turn but they suffer from the same problems as daemons. My friend who uses them has a really hard time getting them to work effectively.

    If you want a small hitting army that small and compact, I would play logan wing. You can feasibly take over 35 missile shots in a 1750 army list and plenty of terminators.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Brandon. Well I don't intent for this army to be ultra competitive. I just want a list that is easy to deal with (easy to carry and play around with) and that is totally different to my other armies. Also cheap! Loganwing sounds cool but I don't want another shooty army, sorry.
    Also don't compare daemons with BA. BA are much more survivable (3+ save, FnP) reliabe (re roll reserves, only 1D6'' scatter) and have units that can assault after deepstriking :D I know it will be hard to play with but they are going to be mainly for friendly games.

  3. I'm looking at the Red Thirst for a possible "2nd" army myself. You're not alone.

  4. Cool! Are you looking for an army heavy on the mech side (razorspam,predspam) or something more along the lines of the jumper lists above? Or something in between?

  5. Welcome to the bandwagon. You may be late but you're still welcome.

    My own jumper BA army is well on the way to being complete. It's part of my three armies in a case project. Like you I wanted a fun army that wasn't a bother to carry around with me.

    For what it's worth I think you have gone for the best of the three options you listed.

  6. -'Welcome to the bandwagon.'
    -ARGHHH!!! I am really doing this out of lazyness not because I want to be a part of the cool kids! What do you use in your jumper list? You've played any games with it yet?

  7. I'll make why I'm considering them abundantly clear on Sunday with my Weekly Whimsy post... I have something really fun up my sleeve. I hope you'll check it out.

  8. My BA list is a hybrid Jumper list. It's 1850, but I'm going with a librarian, 3 squads of 10-man AMs, 2 5-man Term squads, and 2 Priests in TA. Oh, let's not forget the 2 Storm Ravens that will be moving the Terminators and Priests! I'm still working on putting together the army and you can follow that on my blog.