Saturday, 29 January 2011

Blood Angel Vanguard Veterans WIP

Long time, no post. I know! I've been fairly busy with real life lately and also painting these little buggers on the above picture. I wish I could say that a had a good time while splashing some paint on them but I really didn't. They took me far longer to complete than I thought at the beginning, about one week on and off. Just for five guys! When I painted my first  Blood Angel test piece it seemed like a very fast and easy process. But I didn't take into account all the intricate details that the Death Company models have...

Since I used an airbrush for painting the red armour I had to re-paint all the little skulls, scrolls, purity seals, blood drop gems, vials and whatever else they happened to have on them. I mean, are they supposed to be soldiers or one-stop gift shops for goths? I bet they could make a fortune if the sold all that stuff that's on their armour. Anyway, it was a hard and time consuming job re touching all that stuff, as you can imagine. I am just glad that I've already painted the bases otherwise the whole thing would be even more frustrating. Furthermore I have no idea what I am suppose to write on the scrolls and parchments. Any suggestions?

I am quite happy the way they turned out though. I took my time with them and I think this shows in the results. I still have to add static grass and snow on the bases and obviously finish painting their jump packs and storm shields. I don't think that'is going to take that long. After all I was just too excited to finishe the main models so I had to take some WIP pics. Don't forget to click on the images for a larger version. Hope you like them!


  1. Wonderful crisp clean job on these mate, they look great. As for the scroll work, perhaps names of the Marine on the ones on armour and maybe name the weapons too on their scrolls.

    Just be ready for the blurry blood shot eyes afterwards. ;o)

  2. These came out great! I know what you mean about all the details being time-consuming - when I painted my Space Hulk models, I lost track of how many times I had to go back and repaint a jewel or a scroll that I had missed...

  3. Cheers lads!

    @Bix: Thanks for the suggestions but I have to make up names for the guys now? Oh dear me...although for this sort of thing I use a very fine pen so it's not that hard. Otherwise my eyeballs would be already bleeding!

    @TLH: When I finish painting the models that I need for my army list I will have a go at the terminators. They seems to have as much details as the death company models but at least they are on larger surfaces so this could make it a bit easier for me (I hope!).

  4. I would say that the extra time spent has been well worth it, the models look fantastic. Really nice job and bodes well for the quality of the finished army! Looking forward to the next update.

  5. Definitely time well spent! Bix has it - these are crisp and clean. I love the contrast between the texture of the scrolls and the jewels, the one soft, the other hard. The posing is very effective too, which is not always the case when we have complete freedom.

  6. @ Andy: I will hopefully finish them within the week. I will then try to take better pictures and from more angles for your viewing pleasure :P

    @ Porky: Thanks, but I initially thought that some of the poses looked kinda odd. Especially the guy with the chainsword over his head. I guess you could say that he is parrying a blow or something but still... Glad you like them though.

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