Friday, 11 February 2011

Warbands League's first season ended (rather abruptly)

The End by nomeacuerdo - En modo chnacho zombie (cc)

Here is the official statement from the organisers. For you Greek challenged out there it is pretty much saying the following.  This was just a trial phase and it just ended. For the record, Φαμπουλόζοι (that's my team) won. Apparently I was the player with the most points in the tournament or so I have been told. That's not too hard to imagine though if you consider that I had three conceded games in my favour. Talk about some luck there! Anyway, the League is now going to enter it's next season which is now going to be official.

As I said, that was kinda abrupt. At the beginning, we had arranged to play ten games divided between two periods and that would be the whole season. However we managed to play only five. From what I understand, this happened because a few of the teams unofficially quit the league, i.e. didn't bother playing their games or handing in their results. The organisers gathered a lot of experience from that first trial phase so now things can be run more smoothly.

There are three major changes now. The team can be comprised by the Warboss (leader), two main players and one substitute. It used to be that you could have as many substitutes as you wanted. Obviously this helps in a way, since you are going to see more familiar faces in your games and also have more clarity in your roster. However the main issue is that probably on many occasions you won't be able to participate in a game with a full team and that can cost you points. In the end, probably the team that wins the tournament is going to be the team that could play the most games with a full roster rather than the best team.

Furthermore the army lists are now going to be presented on the day of the games and not one week before as they used to. I generally tend to trust people so I don't really have an issue with that. However we noticed a lot of mistakes with opponents list in the past. This was easy to fix when we knew them in advance but is someone going to be able to check the mistakes on the spot? And how time consuming can that be? Players should be extra careful now though because if their lists contain mistakes then their games will be conceded against them.

Lastly, the actually day of the game will be more restricted. Unless your opponents agree to play on a different day, if you can't make it on the predetermined day of the game your team will automatically lose. Even if you still decide to play another day, you only have until next Monday (that's eight days) to hand in your results or else you will again get zero points for this round.

We had a mini meeting with some of the team members today. These new changes didn't bode well with the rest of the guys. I don't think that most of them will now want to participate in the next phase of the Warbands League so I am not sure what's going to happen...I got mixed feelings about all this but somehow I feel that my enthusiasm has somehow died down.

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