Thursday, 19 May 2011

Back to base-ics

Not much to report his week. I wasn't much in the mood for any laborious painting so I decided to get some more bases out of the way. I painted them pretty much the same way as here with the only difference being that I slightly drybrushed the larger rocks with Skull White. I think this way they stand out a bit more and this brings out their details as well. I am happy with the results so I will probably continue on like that with the rest of my bases. Also, this time I used some of the resin bits from the basing kit by GW. It a nice and simple way to add a bit more detail. Check them out after the jump. 
I made this one in order to commemorate the first ass-kicking of Talos' Eldar from my Blood Angels. He wasn't too upset though so there is not much fun gloating about it (though I'll still do it). He still haven't painted a single model yet but white/light blue is supposed to be his colour scheme so I based it on that.
I haven't played a since game yet against the new Space Wolves. I mean, seriously, not a single one. Still I am preparing for the worst and this was a nice bit of detail to add on a base.
This is another interesting composition. Some pieces of rubble and wiring (I guess). I added a bit of pigment powders to enrich the weathered look and I must say that the colours look a bit off to the rest of the base. I was experimenting though so I don't think there is much harm done.


  1. I actually really like the last bast with the cables exposed. very nice detail!

  2. Thanks Lo! That GW basing kit is quite good I think. One thing I didn't like though is that the bits really stick out from the base so I had to sand them down a lot in order to bring it down to the same level. Nevertheless it's an easy way to spice up the bases!