Monday, 31 October 2011

Games Corps Batrep 2000 Points Part 1/2

As Another weekend passses by, we hoarde the expirience gained from games so recently played. I would like to share such an expirience with you.

Last weekend , there was a 2000 point tournament at Games Corps. There were 3 games with standard missions. There was a total of 10 players, if memory serves the armies present were as follows:

- 2 Dark Angels
- 1 Blood Angel
- 2 Dark Eldar
- 2 Orks
- 1 Imperial Guard
- 1 Tyranid
- 1 Space Marine

To be honest i was at a loss of what list to play, at 1st i thought that i should of prolly went with a Khan army, since the Deathwing, despite having done very well , seem to be sub-par with shooty armies, regardless, at the last moment i decided to field the First Company of thr First Legion. Aterro Dominatus: the Deathwing was to be deployed.

The list i used was a fairly basic one:
Belial with TH/SS
6 Squads of Deathwing with Different wargear for allocation purposes
1 Landraider Godhammer
1 Dread with CCW and a plasma cannon (think i made him venerable)

Game 1

I played against a fairly expirienced Dark Eldar player that was using an experimental list which if memory serves looked something like this:

- Asrubael
- Incubi in a Venom
- Harlequins
- Trueborn in a venom
- 3 Kabalite Warriors in raiders
- 2 Reapers
- Voidraven Bomber

The game was pitched battle with 4 objectives. He dployed his objectives in his side, 12 inches away fron the edge. The 1st dead centre of the board in some wood terrain, and the 2nd one of the furthest right side of the table on the 2nd floor of a ruin. I deployed my objective as close to each other as i possibly could and as near the centre of the board as rules permitted. We rolled of to go 1st and i won, decided to go 1st was key because if i could shoot down something it would leave me in a seat of advantage. I deployed all 6 squads in the centre within 12 inches, and the land raider on their right, while the dread was flanking the termies on the left. My opponent deployed one of his warrior squads in the middle around his objective in the forest, another squad in the ruins on the far right near his 2nd objective, he then deployed the bomber and reapers behind the ruin to give them a very nice cover save, assuming i could even reach them. Then he went to deploy the Harlies, incubi with vect in a venom, truborn in a venom on the left side of the board. He had split his forces in half, i think thats when things started going downhill for him. Im pretty sure he expected to seize the initiative with a 4+ and shoot me to death before i could do anything, however slaneesh was unhappy with the Dark Kin for he rolled a "1".

Turn 1 

I move up all my squads 6" forward, while putting my shooty terminator squad in forest terrain. My 1st target is the trueborns venom, one shot hits and penetrates from one of my cyclones and wrecks the vehicle. The Trueborn get out into some area terrain that the venom was next to. 3 of my other squads shoot at the raider behind his middle objective, ultimately wrecking it. The shooty squad and 1 of my melee squads shoot at the Warriors guarding the middle objective (and the plasma dread) they go to ground but still loose 4 , fortunately they pass their test and stay grounded. The land raider tried to shoot the bomber but wasnt within 42".
In his turn 1 he moved up his venom 12 inches, disembarked Vect and the incubi. He moved his reapers and bomber from behind the ruin and tried to shoot the Land Raider with everything he had, but only shook it.
He then shot Vects venom at ome of the termie squads, but they passed their saves, he then assaulted with vect and the incubi at belials squad. Asrubael directed all his attacks on belial and scored 2 wounds, while the incubi killed a terminator. Belial would go on to hot asrubael in turn but only 1 wound passed, surprisingly vect rolled a "1" for his save and got squished, the terminators killed off the incubi to a man.

Turn 2

The Land Raider moves 12 inches toward his bomber, the squads spread out around my 2 objectives, i send 1 of my squads after his middle objective, but theres still quite some distance to cross. The LR shoots a las at the bomber and misses. Belials squad had lost the missile holding termie so moved 6" towards the harlies, i had no idea how good they were in close combat so i ran towards them and left them 1" away from them. Id then go onto a horrid turn of shooting where id either miss all missiles or hed pass his cover/invu saves. Only 1 reaper was stunned.
He came towards belial with his harlies, encircling me while the trueborn moved upo as well. The trueborn shot those str8/9 weapons at me , but i passed all my saves. Vects remaining venom shot at belials squad, out of 3 shots that hit, none of them wounded. His raiders stunned my dread and his working reaper destroyed one of my LR's las canons. He then assaulted belials squad with the harlies, he killed a termie and i killed a harlie, draw combat.

Turn 3

I move my dread 6 inches towards the center and run him another 2. One of my termie squads moves closer to his mid objective. My shooting sees his raiders go kaboom, one of the raiders had 10 warriors inside, they take 6 wounds, he fails all the saves, fails the leadership and runs of the table. I also blew up asrubaels venom that turn and destroyed one of the reapers main weapons. The LR shot at the bomber but failed to penetrate.
His bomber shot the LR and stunned it (again -.-'). One reaper shot the dread and stunned it. Hed then assault his trueborn into Belials squad to help out the harlies, ultimately killing my apothecary but losing alot of models and falling back with both the trueborn and the harlies never to pester me again. Belial and his 2 remaining squad memebers were so far to the left at this point that wdnt have any effect on the game from this point onwards.

Turn 4

I move my dread to the middle, my forward termie stop about 10" away from his middle objective, i kill 2 more of his warriors guarding the middle objective, blow up 1 reaper and immobilise the bomber.
Hes running out of tactical manouvres at this point, however manages to immobilise my raider with a dark lance, and wipes out my entire shooty squad with those wound test rockets. Never have i seen a more cheesy weapon that that wound test rocket.

Turn 5

I finally move/run up to his objective in the mid, he turbo boosts his reaper to contest one of my objectives. Land Raider shooting proves ineffective vs the bomber. If hed rolled a 1 or 2, the game would have ended as a draw, unfortunately for him he now started to roll numbers above a 2.

Turn 6

I shoot everything at his reaper, but he passes his covers. I move my termies next to his warriors guarding the mid objective. He finally blows up my land raider with his cursed bomber. I assault the reaper with 15 termies and the dread, wrecking it from existance. Assault his warriors guarding his middle objective and wipe them out, the game ends with me controling 3 objectives and him 1, i also have about 1600 more victory point. He had only killed a LR and a shooty termie squad, he only had a warrior squad and a immobilized bomber left.


It was an interesting game, and although i dont envy his rolls, i believe that it would of been hard for him to overcome any terminator list out there, because he simply did not have enough special weapons to fire, vect and the incubi and the harlequins performed poorly in close combat too, i think after he lost those units, the game was decided.

I walked around the other tables at that point as we finished 1st. The tyranids had cornered the orks. The blood angels were winning the dark eldar. The imperial guard was drawing another ork army. And the space marines were winning the other Dark Angel player, who fielded the Ravenwing, i believe there were around 12 land speeders in Dark Angel Heraldry on that table.

As it turned out in Game 2 i would be given the chance to Avenge the Fallen brothers of the 2nd company as i was to play the Space Marines.

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  1. I am not a cruel guy, but knowing your opponent was Papawinter and thinking of his expression after botching his rolls makes me smile!

    My DE opponent from yesterday had very poor rolls too.