Thursday, 3 November 2011

Magnetising Stonehorn/Thundertusk

I got this beast of a kit just yesterday and I knew it in my heart that I had to built it ASAP. Problem is, I am still not sure which is better for my Ogre army yet, the Stonehorn or the Thundertusk. Well, why do I even have to choose between the two? Why can't I have both? Fortunately with a few magnets, green stuff, super glue and a little bit of magic you too could have the best of both worlds!

The two main differences between the beasties are their heads and backs. After assembling the main body, I assembled the two heads separately and also left the big piece on the back unglued. Every time I had to install a magnet I started with a small guiding hole with my pin drill. Then a larger hole with a larger drill. After that I took my trusty Dremmel with the grinding stone tip and enlarged the hole enough so it could fit the magnet. I covered the magnet in green stuff and shoved it in the hole and also added some super glue on top for good measure. This is the torso:
Not the neatest thing in the world but no one needs to see it.
Stonehorn head.
Thundertask Head. Also had to trim it a bit to fit properly.
I couldn't glue a magnet directly inside the back of the beast so I used a piece of sprue that could hold the magnet near the top. 
Also I had to use some green stuff to elevate the magnet a bit from the other side of the back in order for the two magnets to be close enough together and stay in place.
So, after all this hard work I can now assemble the Thundertusk as well:
Had to compromise in a few things though. I have to use Stonehorns tail for the both models, the other one  is just too stumpy. And also I couldn't use the magnificent saddle for the Stonehorn since then the rider on the back wouldn't fit in the Thundertusk. Ah, well, I can't have everything. There are also a lot of wonderful bits (shoulder plates, skinned poultry, severed hands) that I will glue on the model after painting it (they are just going to be in the way now). 

I just don't know how to paint it though. Should I go for a white, dark brown or reddish (Vering) brown colour scheme? Suggestions in the comments would really help. Thanks!


  1. Looks cool to me Antipope!I cant wait to see it painted!

  2. Brilliant! I've just picked up this kit and am inspired! I'm thinking white as the base color for all the frost centric fluff and because it will stand out from the ogres themselves which are earth tones.

  3. Cheers guys! Glad I can inspire Swelter. White it is then! Only if I can find a way to fill all these nasty gapos before I undercoat the miniature. The shops haven't brought liquite green stuff yet.