Monday, 21 November 2011

Orcs and Goblins Mangler Squig

Looks like my prayers have been answered. Pictures of the Mangler Squig have appeared in the forums today. I have designed a new list that is going to feature two Mangler Squigs since I think it's a very potent unit. I can convert one using Gobbla and the Night Goblin Warboss on Great Cave Squig (since I never, ever use them) but the second one would be a problem. Now with the new awesome kit I will be able to field two.A bit on the expensive side I am afraid (something like 50 euros) but since this is the last O&G model I will ever have to buy I am going to go for it. 


  1. So why is it on a round base? I thought this is for fantasy!

  2. Well, this thing, and also fanatics, don't really charge or get charge or don't do any close combat at all. Their model is nothing more than a market on the board so you use round bases for them.

  3. Night Goblins get all the fun! Squig riders, squig hunters, mangler squigs and lunatic fanatics stoned on too much fungus.