Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Its that time of the year...

With the tournaments going wild worldwide, we should not be surprised that Greece, has too been creeping up in the player base of wargaming. Where as several years ago you might of have never heard of Genocide Chronicles or the ICT, now its a decently common referance among fellow Greek wargamers.

And as it happens to be Genocide Chronicles (equivalent of ATC or ETC) is creeping up! As if this was not enough, Game Corps.  is having a 2k point tournament with IA rules as acceptable, and Games Corps tournaments is the place where youre most likely to find the more competitive lists. In fact il even go so far as to say that the overall champion of this years ICT was the store owner himself, and the previous ICT was a person that is often found practising in Game Corps. his art of war!

So to sum up, we got 2 majot events coming up!

And i have been sweating my ass off, making lists for the Games Corps. Tourny as well as the Genocide. The hard part is that for the Genocide i have to co-ordinate with my fellow team mates, who happen to be playing : Imperial Guard, Space Puppies, Eldar and Nids.

Anyhow up to date it looks like i will have to take my Dark Angel Deathwing to the Games Corps tourney and my Ravenwing (Counts as white scars from C: SM) for the Genocide. With the latter having been inspired by Stillfrosty , whos blog can be found here , and an interview with him can be found here.

So for the Genocide we have a fast moving list that relies on guile and firepower more then any form of close combat :

Khan on Moondrakka
Liby on Bike (Nullzone and Vortex)
Command (Champ, Storm shields, PW, PF, LC)
Full bike squad , 2 plasma , ABHB , and PW Sgt.
4+1 Bike squad, 2 melta 1 ABMM and 1 PF sgt.
4+1 Bike squad, 2 melta 1 ABMM and 1 PF sgt.
Scouts with HellBolter and Snipers wearing Camo
2 Typhoons with HF
1 Typhoon with HF

Thats 5 Potential troops, Highly Mobile list that has anti psyker defence, a decent CC unit and alot of short range fire power.

Next we have a 2k list for the Games Corps Tourny using Dark Angel Deathwing:

Damocles Rhino (Gives Orbital Bomb, reroll 1 resrve per turn, and reroll scatter on deep strikes)
6 Squads of Deathwing (all have Cyclones, 4 Chainfists and a mixture of LC/TH)
Ravenwing Attack (2 melta, 1 ABMM and MeltaBomb sgt.)
Ravenwing support (Typhoon/MM)
Ravenwing Support (Typhoon/MM)

And that leaves us at 2k points exactly. The Idea is turbo boost the Ravenwing in scout phase and deep strike 3 of my Termies next to him. The Typhoons will be sitting back and poping low AV vehicles, while 1 squad of DW will be chilling in my zone guarding an objective. The Rhino will be hidden somewhere. The idea is to blow open something on turn 1 with the bikes whos main purpose is to deliver the Deathwing into enemy territory and blow open some vehicle with their meltas then assault turn 2. The Rhino acts as support, helping ur remaining termies come on turn 2 and if bikes are dead, let you reroll the scatter.

Let me Know what you guys think...any criticism is welcome!


  1. I will love to see your army in action!!! But, as a reminder, the Imperial seals have NOT declared that they will attend the Genocide Chronicles, neither took they any part in the discussions.

    Fix it mate :D The time WAS up on last Saturday, so you better hurry.

  2. I love the White Scars list. I am jealous and I am working towards getting enough bikes for my own Ravenwing/White Scars list.

    The Deathwing list. Are you running the Command Squad; banner and or apothecary? Also, Ravenwing bikes cannot turbo-boost in the scout phase. It says it in our codex and wasn't rectified by either 2011/2012 FAQ. They did take away scoring Attack Bikes in the 2012 FAQ, though. :(

    You are smart to run with Chainfists. I like throwing them on the guy with the CML. I have ran them ever since I was locked-up by a dread in a game long ago.

    The bikes really intimidate people with Deathwing. Remember that Deathwing assault happens at the beginning of the movement phase, so we can, at best, teleport in at Scout distance.

  3. @Chrono uggh, i may be utterly blind, but i dnt think/can see where i mentioned the imperial seals on the blog :P could you point it out so i can fix it?

    @giga actualy according to the representative of GW in greece (id rather not use his name) the FAQ over rides both the codex and the Rulebook, hence when the FAQ states that yes you can turbo boost in the scout phase, then yes, you can.
    Yeah youre right about the AB, but its still a 2 wound multi melta that can move 12 inches as vaporise a land raider, people willl consider it a threat most of the time!
    And yeah, in the scout phase you have to end youre turbo boost 12 inches away from enemy models, and then in turn 6 deep strike within 6 inches of the bikes, which taking into account the large bases of termies leave you 3-4.5 inches away from the enemy! :D so yeah , kinda intimidating!
    To answer ur question about the command squad, yeah its there with belial deep striking in the enemies face!

    1. Sorry mate :P mistook you for the antipope :P the hasty daemon, da guffy gobbo etc.

      You are free to delete the post :D

  4. Re your list, If you have a Stormshield on the guy with the power weapon you won't get your extra attck i believe. so drop it for a lightning claw. I used to run a biker army with 3x LC / SS vets, company champion and apoth and it was great fun for smashing stuff with Khan involved.

    I think my old biker list had 336 odd models. 3 full biker squads, MM atk bike, both bikers with meltas, 2x3 MM Atk bike squads, and the command squad as mentioned. worked well as i had option to outflank or not which threw peopel when I said I wasn't

  5. yeah Duce, you wont be gettin the extra attack, but in theory if u charge something,youre still dishing 5 s5i6 attacks, as well as 14 s5i5 (4 of which are normal) and 3 s9i1 attacks...if something survives this, well you either assaulted the wrong unit , or shd pray that u make ur saves on the storm shields and live to hit and run the hell away :D