Monday, 9 July 2012

Long time, no post (6th edition)

Hey guys (and gals?)!

How is it going? I know I haven't posted for a while but this annoying little thing called "the real life" finally caught up with me  these last few months. Been busy with stuff so not much time for Warhammering (on the tabletop and the Internet alike). Furthermore I was really waiting for the new edition before I started playing some games and buying/painting new models for new army lists.

So since I got back from Singapore I only played one game of 40K. Not much to write about that! No tournaments, no nothing. Since last weekend though I've been reading the rulebook until my eyeballs bled and I must admit I like what I am seeing. Even though most of my army lists aren't that good anymore (Battle Wagon spam, AV12 Spam) I still like the direction the new edition is taking. Bigger games, faster pace, more massacre, more fun. 

I also played my first 6th edition game last week and it was a blast even though I got my ass whooped (with BW orks) against my mates renovated Tyranids. It was fun nevertheless and I am glad Nids are back in the game.

I have a lot of thoughts about 6th edition I want to share in the blog and I just started doing so. Expect more frequent (but somehow, looser) posting  for the next few weeks. And if the weather stops being so hot I might sit my butt down and paint a model or two :P


  1. Good to see you back on track mate! I know that "real life" feeling, got exactly the same thing the past few months!

    I played my first game too in the weekend and I must say that I really like the new edition so far, although there are some glitches that I still need to focus on. One thing is for sure, Marines got better! I don't share the same opinion on the Tyranids though. Those monstrous creatures will have a tough time with all those grenade sticking marines and Moloch is nerfed quite a bit. Orks on the other hand are even worse... Waagh is changed, no more multi-wound Nob deathstars and of course Dreads and Killa Kans are even worse now than before... not to mention the nerf the Force Field got!

    I guess we need to change the way our mind works in making lists ... allies is definitely one thing to explore!

  2. Cheers Mihalis!

    I have a positive outlook for the orks. I think I will begin talking about them in my future posts since it's easiest compared to my other armies. I think Nobs are still awesome (even more awesome than before) but mech lists not so much. Horde is the answer now :P

  3. Everyone needs a break now and again even The Anti Pope. The key to longevity in the blogging world is to not force it. I took a break for 4-5 months and then came back with a craving for the hobby. You do what you need to do. I look forward to your thoughts on 6th editions.

    1. Thanks Mr. Panda. It's not like I took a break because I was fed up with 40K or anything though. Just not enough time and was waiting for 6th edition before I played some games but I think I am getting back into it much stronger now. So, how do you find 6th so far?