Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Of Belials

Its amazing that thoughout my entire gaming life i have been priviliged to see different people with different ideologies. Everyone is different and everyone has their own unique opinion on any and all matters. Today i would like to talk to you about Belial , Master of the Deathwing.

I have played since the release of 5th edition and have read more Black Library books than i care to admit. Safe to say the aspect of the hobby that interests me is competitive play and pure fluff. I have no skill in painting or converting, all my armies have decent painting that allows them to participate in tournaments. So having said that i would like to share a little "Secret" that i have known since time imemorial as a Dark Angel player.

To begin explaining this secret i must set things straight. In 5th edition if you wanted to play competitively with a Dark Angel codex there was only one option for you: Deathwing. Now this could have been deathwing or deathwing with elements of ravenwing, either way a 2+ save was our only chance of winning tourneys. Having said that i must urge you to remember that we did not get a 3++ storm shield until very late in 5th edition. Our storm shields only gave us 4++ in close combat. So you can understand what a boost we got with updated FAQ that made our shields 3++.

So back to this secret, Belial as a character is pathetic...he has a Weaponskill of a fish (WS5). He costs 130 points which is fairly decent, and he makes our Deathwing terminators into troops which is freaking amazing.
Now when i say he is pathetic i mean it in a purely "Character like view". What do i mean? Well take Cato sicarius for example (the equivalent of Belial) and compare their stats and rules, you see a huge degree of play complexity and utility.

Fluffwise belial is a beast and has taken on Ghazgul in a 1 on 1 and survived to tell the tale, and yet his game rules show him as a simple terminator with 1 additional WS and 2 extra wounds, makes sense? Not to me!

So when i play games against opponents they always seem to want to single out belial and kill him (i run him with a TH/SS and in a command squad). Now this is perfectly fine in my opinion since to me hes there to only take wounds and die, its an almost trap like situation, i WANT my enemies to focus on belial and his command squad, because i  have NO empathy towards his unit, i couldnt care if he dies or not. To me this is unacceptable, i love my chapters fluff, i love the story behind my chapter and i love every single special character, but due to Games Workshop demoting Belial to a mere improved terminator, i find myself unable to feel any sort of attachment to it.

Will this stop me from playing? Never, but as a player that wishes to improve his expirience , i would like my Codex and army to reflect what i read in books....

What do you guys think?


  1. Agreed, Current Belial is a joke. Here is hoping that the next book we get finally shows him the love he so richly deserves.

  2. Exactly! I dont even mind if they increase his cost to 200 or so, as long as hes in line with current IC's like Logan/Meph/Lysander!

  3. I don't know about you guys...but as a DA player, I am super pumped with all the love the boys in green are about to get! Rumored models in the starter set and a supposed wave of new minis/codex closer to the new's about time. I do not want to stray too far off of topic, but I have always been more of a painter than a player and find myself with no ravenwing, only one squad of deathwing...but tons of tac marines and veterans. I have been trying to get into the gaming side more of late. I have been trying to read up on various dark angel tactics from different seems that the consensus is to rush with ravenwing then teleport deathwing straight into the mix. Any advice for getting the most out of my Dark Angels?

  4. As a heretic i would say play them as C:SM

    As a DA player i would say, patience brother! A new age is dawning, rummors be true within the next 4 months we will be seeing a Greenish looking hardback book with new rules!

  5. Righto! I agree with this post whole-heartedly... Belial is a Big Ol' Beetch! I too run him with a TH/SS combo since the faq came out making SS worth taking.

    I am actually pretty excited to run my dual-wing list since VI-ed came and I haven't beeen able to. armour 2 termies and T5 invuln bikers with I10 attack FTW!!!