Thursday, 29 July 2010

122nd Cadia colour scheme

Imperial Guard was the second army I picked up for 40k. Back then (6-7 years ago) I wanted to make a horde army with loads of infantry men and heavy weapon teams. The IG vehicles weren't too appealing at the time. Since my 1500 lists included around 100 models
I decided I needed a quick way to paint them. So I needed a colours that were easy to paint on. Since I undercoat with black primer, this would be one of the colour. I guessed grey would be another colour easy to paint on and it would make a nice urban uniform.
To be honest I regret that decicion nowdays. I would prefer some brighter and more natural looking colours (greens and browns) but it's too late now and there is no use pondering the past.
I did some "research" recentrly and discovered that my colour scheme would fit nicely to the Cadian 122nd Regiment (I forgot to mention that I used Cadian models this far).

Ok my models didn't have the camo scheme on the fatigues but nevertheless it was pretty close.
Also I liked the colours on the vehicles.

I was sold for Cadia 122nd then!


  1. nice choice!
    if you are interested in, i've got some pics of models painted this way on my blog:


  2. Hey, more vintage goodness in your links! You have gone all the way to paint camo on the guys which I applaud. Me on the other hand chose the black/grey scheme out of sheer laziness since I thought it would be easy to paint. I might do some camo on my veterans though to make them stand out from the normal infantry guys ;)