Thursday, 29 July 2010

Infantry Squad 311 Chimera

So this is the first vehicle I have painted for the army. It's a chimera (with multilaser and hull heavy flamer) that will serve as the transport of the 1st infantry squad of the 3rd platoon. Thus the vehicle marking 311, but I will explain how these vehicle markings work in another post.
It was the first time I used all those weathering techniques and it was all quite new to me. I watched those 2 DVD's from MIG productions and they were very useful but I never got my hands full on a project like this. Lots of time it was guess work (especially with the oil paints) but in the end it seems to work. I am starting to get the whole process down and I'll describe in detail what I do when I am 100% sure (since I will be following the same steps for every vehicle).
I was criticized for using too much mud on the vehicle so I will try to tone down the effect next time.


  1. I think that the mud looks good, it all depends on how muddy you personally want the vehicle. How did you do the mud anyway?

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  2. Hey thank you! I thought that since this is the humble infantry squad chimera, it will be running around a lot. So it will get much muddier than the other vehicles. My artillery tanks will have less mud to emphasize that they remain more static during the battle.
    The mud was made by mixing acrylic resin, pigment powders, plaster and water and applying it on the tank. This was done in several layers, applying the lighter tones first and then building up on darker colours. I will write up a tutorial at some point where I can elaborate more.