Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Landspeeder and a couple of Buggies, WIP pics

I feel much better today. In fact I was feeling well enough to take some pictures. So this is what I've done this far with the Landspeeder. Not much you might say but I have been ill thank you very much! I think I shouldn't have glued the bumper in the front and the top wing thingy because they make the model harder to paint. Since I undercoated the vehicle with a light primer I will have to repaint them black. If they were unglued I could just spray them black separately. 

Anyway, I base-coated the entire model,using my airbrush, with Snot Green. It took a few coats but it ended up with a very nice and even colour. I did some colour modulation (again using the airbrush) with Goblin Green for the lighter parts (tip of wings, front of vehicle, higher panels)  and Orkhide Shade for the darker ones (where wings and bumper joins with vehicle). I think I got a nice effect going and green is ideal for this.

And here are some pictures of my scratch built warbuggies. I really like how these guys turned out. I only used the deffkoptas from the Black Reach boxed set and parts from a wartrukk (well pretty much all of it). I might add a few more stuff before I paint them but I don't want them to turn out too flimsy.


  1. Those buggies are amazing! I am impressed and you should be proud of yourself!

  2. Cheers buddy. Well it's easy enough to make custom orky vehicles. Throw all your spare bits in a container, pour some glue, wait for a few hours, take the resulting mass out, stick a few wheels on it and call it a vehicle :P

    They still have some rough edges but I am too lazy to smooth them out. Might do before I paint them though. Glad you liked them anyway since you have a lot of conversion experience.