Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Salamanders Colour Scheme, Landspeeder

I couldn't be bother painting any of my Guard model these last few days. I decided to give the Landspeeder a go and see how it is put together. I was really surprised of how simple the kit was. I'd expect more flimsy parts. So it took me an evening to glue it together and that is quite fast for my standards. I didn't glue the gun in the bottom and the vehicle crew because I thought they would be easier to paint separately.

I wanted to paint a guy as a test piece but unfortunately Fantasy Shop had run out of Tactical Marines. Seriously, this is like a bakery running out of bread. I decided to use one of the crew members of the Landspeeder (well, half of him). I looked in the Space Marines codex for the Salamanders colour scheme and browsed in the net for more idea. I figured out my best bet was to undercoat white, base-coat with Snot Green (ew!) and highlight with Goblin Green. I think it turned out quite alright, very bright and vivid.

I didn't like the yellow lens so I decided to use red instead. I think it contrasts well with green and also it is easy for me to paint. I wasn't very happy that I had to paint a the Aquila gold since I really suck at painting that colour. This is definitely my Achilles' heel in the whole painting process. Overall I think he turned out very well and most importantly I enjoyed the painting. Space Marines are probably ideal for me since I am quite good at edge highlighting but not that good in layering/blending. So, here are the pics and tell me what you think:


  1. Thats really great! I like the way the green turned out. In my opinion the most difficult part of painting a Salamander marine is making the green look proper it should be something between goblin green and snot green dunno what colour you have used here, but I think that ork players have the best knowledge of green anyway ;) (I think I may have used the word green too much... :P)

    Other than that gold seems a bit flat indeed. I use Valleho gold from the game color series which I think is the best gold out there. Other great gold is GW's burnished gold. Try shading it with chesnut ink or sepia from the new GW's washes, then pick the highlights with a 50-50 mix of gold with silver. I think it will do the trick! ;)

  2. Thanks Mihalis. I have to say that these pictures were somehow hastily taken. The guy looks better in real life :P
    I think the colour turned out nicely because I used a light undercoat (car primer to be exact). I just used Snot Green for a base coat and Goblin green for the highlights.
    I must try that Vallejo Gold because GW gold SUCKS! It really hard to even get an even flat coat with it, evan harder to do some highlighting with it. I used Ogryn Flesh for it for a wash but next time I'll use Devlan Mud. Maybe that will create some deeper shadows.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Looking good so far. I am right behind you, just starting my own Space Marines project. It's a nice break from the IG. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey, cheers mate! Yes, it is definitely very different than painting IG. Realism goes out of the window. Just bright colours and edge highlighting. I like it :)Good luck with your SM too.