Monday, 18 October 2010

Warbands League second list

Imperial Guard

It is final. I cannot use the Inquisitor in any of my Warbands League games since the Allies rule won't be valid in the GT format (they force you to use the PDF even if you have a normal copy). So no more Emperor's Tarrot or  Mystics. This is not a major drawback but it's annoying nonetheless.

Also I figured out that using the Officer of the Fleet isn't a good idea anymore. Furthermore, one more scoring unit could be handy. Veterans tend to die a lot and so does the Platoon Command squad, due to the short range nature of their weapons. This leaves me with 2 Infantry Squads in Chimeras which are not very reliable units. I wanted another scoring unit that could sit comfortably in the back and claim and objective but also be a little bit useful at shooting. I first thought of a Heavy Weapon Squad with Mortars but I couldn't squeeze the points out for them. My second best choice is a Special Weapon Squad with 3 Snipers. So, I could either have 6 Psykers (not including the Overseer) and the HWS or 7 and the SWS. Not sure which one I should take. The list looks like this:

Company Command Squad, 4 Meltaguns, Chimera (ML,HF)
7 Psykers, Overseer, Chimera (ML,HF)
Platoon Command Squad, 4 Flamers, Melta Bombs (Officer), Chimera (ML,HF)
2 x Infantry Squad, Autocannon, Chimera (ML,HF)
2 x Veteran Squad, 3 Meltaguns
Special Weapons Squad, 3 Spiner Rifles
2 x Vendetta
2 Hydras (HB)
2 Medusas (Enclosed Crew Compartment, HF)
Manticore (HF)

What do you guys think? Comments and suggestions welcomed.


  1. Lose the snipers, mate.

    They're not very effective any time, but even less so when they're only BS3.

    For the same points you can equip them with two grenade launchers and a flamer, which gives you two Str6 24" shots on the move and a nasty up-close surprise.

    Snipers attract a lot of fire, whereas these guys will slip under the radar. They can slip forward through cover to surprise your enemy's advance with flames, or they make excellent counter-attack troops if you've been assaulted and defeated and the enemy are left empty-handed.

    If you need to free up extra points, lose the enclosed crew compartments, for all the difference they'll make!

    Just my opinion...

    - DRax.

  2. Cheers Admiral.
    Well the point of this unit is to baby sit my objectives. I want them to stay back, out of harms way, and just live through the game so they can contest.
    I assumed snipers would be a good weapon for them since they are going to be staying back so they need a long range weapons. It is just a thought, I have to play test it before and see what the results are. 3 flamers will also be a good solution too, since they can do a lot of damage if anyone comes near :)
    Thanks for the feedback, it is always welcomed.