Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Space Marines pet project

A few people raised their eyebrows when I told them that I want to start a Space Marine army. I have been avoiding them like the plague for so many years after all. So what happened and I changed my mind like that?

Well, I've been enjoying playing with my orks and lately with my Imperial Guard but there is a small problem with these two armies. They are both massive in size. Packing everything up, moving them around, deploying them on the table and playing can be daunting to a lazy guy like me. So I needed a more compact force, something I could just have ready all the time and just pick up for a quick game.

Space Marines are of course ideal for this. A small, elite force that can easily fit in a couple of cases and without many models to move around. I choose Salamanders since they are very powerful with the addition of Vulkan and also I really like the colour scheme. Green is best like the orks say.

There was also the clever marketing ploy from GW to give me a free Vulkan model. I saw this as a sign from the Dice Gods to start a Salamander force. It's like giving sugar to a little kid. Furthermore a Space Marine army is fairly cheap to get and there are a ton of tactical squads from BfBR out there costing next to nothing.

Not knowing much about Space Marines I asked the guys over at the Claws and Fists blog for their help. They came up with this little beauty:




5 Thunder Hammer Storm Shield Terminators
Land Raider Redeemer, Extra Armour, Multmelta

5 Sternguard, 3 Combi-Flamers, 2 Heavy Flamers, Rhino


10 Tactical Marines, Combi-Flamer, Multimelta, Meltagun, Rhino

10 Tactical Marines, Combi-Flamer, Multimelta, Meltagun, Rhino

10 Tactical Marines, Combi-Flamer, Multimelta, Meltagun, Rhino

Fast Attack

2 Multimelta Attack Bikes

Landspeeder, Multimelta, Heavy Flamer

Landspeeder, Multimelta, Heavy Flamer

It seems like a very solid list. It plays with the strengths of the army (twin linked flamers, meltas and master crafter thunder hammer) and is very,very mobile. The tactical squads can be split up for objective missions giving out 6 scoring units! Not much for long range anti tank but there is so much twin linked melta in there I don't think it will be an issue. Lots of flamers for infantry too and a very strong close combat unit. So, yeah I like the list a lot. 

I will build this army differently than the rest. I usually figure out the list I want to play and then go and buy all the models for it. I then procced to slowly paint the army until it's ready. But this time I'll get each unit at the time and won't buy a new one until I am done painting it. So this is going to be my little pet project and I am really looking forward getting my first model tommorow.


  1. Sorry, it's my fault for not updating the original post but the Sternguard should have 3 Combi-Meltas.

  2. You see for me that is not such a great list. You have sunk a lot of points into the Sternguard unit and worse than that have sacrificed 2 lots of special ammo for some drive by heavy flamers. But honestly rhino's are too easy to kill to be a reliable transport for close up drive by antics.

    Using as many of the models that you have posted in the original list I would personally go with:

    HQ 1: Vulkan Hestan [190]
    HQ 2: Librarian (100) Null Zone (-) Gateway (-) = [100]

    ELITE 1: Assault Terminator Squad (200) All with Thunderhammer and Storm Sheild (-) = [200] + TRANSPORT 1

    TROOP 1: Tactical Squad (90) + 5 Marines (80) Melta Gun (5) Lascannon (10) = [185] + TRANSPORT 2
    TROOP 2: Tactical Squad (90) + 5 Marines (80) Melta Gun (5) Lascannon (10) = [185] + TRANSPORT 3
    TROOP 3: Tactical Squad (90) + 5 Marines (80) Melta Gun (5) Lascannon (10) = [185] + TRANSPORT 4

    FAST ATTACK 1: Landspeeder (50) Heavy Flamer (-) Multi Melta = [70]
    FAST ATTACK 2: Landspeeder (50) Heavy Flamer (-) Multi Melta = [70]
    FAST ATTACK 3: Landspeeder (50) Heavy Flamer (-) Multi Melta = [70]

    TRANSPORT 1: Landraider Redeemer (240) Multi Melta (10) Extra Armour (15) = [265]
    TRANSPORT 2: Razorback (40) Twin-Linked Lascannon (35) = [75]
    TRANSPORT 3: Razorback (40) Twin-Linked Lascannon (35) = [75]
    TRANSPORT 4: Razorback (40) Twin-Linked Lascannon (35) = [75]

    TOTAL = 1.745

    N.B you can always switch the Librarian for a Thunderfire Cannon if hordes worry you more than Daemons. Plus with a Thunderfire you get to bolster a second piece of terrain.

    Anyway the idea is that you have a nice wall of mech in the Razorbacks, Redeemer and Speeders. With 15 Space Marines sitting (hopefully) in bolstered terrain for a 3+ cover save.

    Yes you loose the Sternguard but I think that this list just packs way more punch against other armies and is also a bit more rounded.

  3. @ C&F: Ooops, it's actually my fault. You did say the thing about combi-flamers on a comment which I read but I completely forgot to correct it.

    @ Neil: Thanks dude. I will try to play with both lists. Razorbacks can be easily proxied with the Rhinos and I think I can scratch built the weapons if I need them later.

  4. Don't do it! Play White Scars instead. Salamanders are evil! lol

  5. Anyways, I think Neil's list is a lot better personally.

    The sternguard can be nice, but as I have found out repeatedly that they just don't do it. They are twice the cost of a regular marine and die just the same.

    Personally, I would be partial to trying to fit in some dreadnoughts with twin linked autocannons as they would completement the razor backs and be able to shoot over them without giving your enemy a coversave. They would also help out with light transports and speeders, where your lascannons and meltas can be used to fry the bigger tanks.

  6. Brandon, you remember I we were trying to fit some bikers as troops for the list but at 1750 pts they just won't cut it. The guys made me a seperate list for bikers which I can explore in the future.

    Dreads would be ok I guess. Damn you Space Marines for having so many good options!!!

  7. Just to defend my list a bit - it's really designed as a midfield list that really takes advantage of Vulkan's special rules. The key to keeping the Sternies alive is using your mobile AV14 cover to stop their Rhino getting shot up.

    Personally, I like Neil's list as I love Razorbacks (I run 4 in my 1750 Wolves list) However, I don't feel it really makes the most of Vulkan. I'd be tempted to drop him and a Speeder for a pair of dual Autocannon Dreadnoughts. That seems to fit more into the stand off nature of the list and then you can use the Terminators for clean up duty.

  8. Well that's what I had in mind too. With the SG rhino and the assault bikes and possibly the speeders trying to get cover behind the LR it's going to be one crowded space! But I think I can pull this off.

    One question. Can razorbacks be magnetised to be rhinos also?

  9. No need to magnetise, just buy razorbacks (they come with the parts to make a Rhino or a razorback and as long as you don't glue the hatches then you can swap as necessary.

  10. Fudal is right. In my opinion you should never buy the Rhino kit. For £3 more (not sure what that is in Euros at the minute) you get a Rhino AND a Razorback.

  11. Hokay, Razorbacks it is then :)

  12. Razorbacks are your best bet, just swap out the back if you want rhinos or the extra guns on the table.

    If you want, I can help further with a bike themed vulkan list, its possible, it can work, and it appears to be damn effective! Though it would be expensive to build up!

  13. Intriguing! Could you please elaborate on this Brandon!

  14. I'm going to guess Brandon is talking along the lines of (one I considered):

    Khan: Moondraken - 205

    Vulkan - 190

    5 Assault Terminators - 200
    + Redeemer: Multi Melta, Extra Armour - 265

    6 Bikes: 2 Flamers + Power Fist + Heavy Bolter Attack Bike - 240

    4 Bikes: 2 Melta Guns + Multi Melta Attack Bike - 185

    4 Bikes: 2 Melta Guns + Multi Melta Attack Bike - 185

    5 Scouts: Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifles - 90

    2 Multi Melta Attack Bikes - 100

    2 Multi Melta Attack Bikes - 100

    Total = 1750

  15. Neil has the right idea with that list, though the khan is kinda pointless. A regular bike captain is fine.

    I would use the points saved there and by dropping the scouts to max out the bike squads to make them be able to combat squad so there is more melta saturation.

  16. Damn even more options! You guys are trying to drive me mad? But thanks nevertheles!