Friday, 8 October 2010

Warbands league practise game and a new banner.

Some people decided to start a Warhammer 40k league in Greece. Since the conception of this project I thought it was a great idea and I wanted to participate. The premise is very simple. You get teams fighting each other every second week scoring points depending on their performance. At the end of the season the team with the most points win.

Each team can have 3 basic members and as many substitutes as they want. Six games are going to be played on the day so one team member will fight two from the opposing team. The pairings are random so no paper-rock-scissor ETC shenanigans there. You get 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, 1 point for a loss, 0 if you concede and 4 if your opponent concedes. At the end of the day you add up all your teams members points and if you got more than your opponent you win. Your team will get the same scoring as above. Seems simple enough.

Team leaders sent all the list to each other simultaniously so they is going to be no list tailoring. You have to play with the list you submited a week before the game day. Even if a player cannot make it his substitute still have to use his list. 

Our team leader is Leonidas (of the Dark Eldar fame). He is a mature and intelligent guy with good organisation and leadership skills and I think he is ideal for this role. He is upfront and outspoken and I am pretty sure he can deal with any situation that may come up. Stefanos is also playing as the other basic member. He is a competent player with an auto-win army (Blood Angels) so I have high hopes for him too. I decided to tweak my list a bit and make it more competitive. Our opponents wouldn't accept me to use allies  which I think it's a bit silly since it's perfectly legal. What I have in mind:

CCS, Commander (Melta Bombs), Officer, Chimera, 4 Meltaguns (ML,HF)
8x Psykers, Overseer, Chimera (ML,HF)
PCS, Commander (Melta Bombs), 4 Flamers, Chimera (ML,HF)
2 x Infantry Squads, Autocannon, Chimera (ML,HF)
2 x Veteran Squads, 3 Meltaguns, Chimera (ML,HF)
2 x Vendetta
2 Hydras (Squadron), HB
2 Medusas (Squadron), Enclosed Crew Compartments, HF
Manticore, HF

Not sure if I should drop the officer and get Demolitions for one of the Veterans squads. We will see about that since both options have their uses. Veterans will obviously go in the Vendettas for a very potent Alpha Strike.

Our first game for the warbands league is for this Sunday so we got together with Stefanos today for a practise game. He has a new list with 2 Land Raiders, a couple of Razorbacks, a Predator, Librarian, couple of priests and a devastator squad with 3 missile launchers and a lascannon. We focused mainly on how to protect his army from an alpha strike. He placed his Land Raider behind some heavy terrain and with the Razorback and Predator blocking acess to the flanks. He put a screen of assault marines in front of his vehicles so I couldn't come within 6'' on the first turn and kill his Land Raiders. The drawback is that he had his units in the open but at least he didn't lose his big hitters on the 1st turn. I had a few unlucky rolls and he was extremely lucky (I recall calling him a disgusting, slimy worm  at some point) and the game ended up on the 5th turn with a tie. He did much more damage to me than I did to him though. So all in all it was a good practise game and we both learned a couple of things from our battle.

On a very different note, my wife found a couple of warhammer banners in our storage room. These came out a few years back as a promotion to Warhammer 40K 4th edition. George (the owner of my FLGS) was kind enough to give me a couple back then but I never bothered with hanging them up. Fortunately my wife really liked them and so she decided to put them in two prominent places in our house. One in our living room next to my display cabinet.

And one in the window of our spare bedroom. 

I think they look great and make the house look much more warhammer-y (not that anyone ever had a doubt that I am obsessed with 40K)!


  1. Good to see you've got a wife who likes 40k as well!

    Also, the display cabinet looks great - whenever I see people's setups, I want one for myself!

  2. Cheers! Well she doesn't like Warhammer per se, more like the imagery that comes with it. She is a very artistic person herself so she always appreciate alternative art.

    I got the display cabinet a few years back from Ikea. I remember it was very cheap at the time, something like 30 euros but then I am not sure. Since then my collection has grown significantly larger though so I am considering adding more shelves.