Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Help with a Dark Eldar list!

Gentlemen, I am trying to help my friend Leonidas to built a DE list using the new codex. I think the issue here is that the book is very balanced (like this is a bad thing...) and no unit really stands out to me for competitive play. This is obviously cool because you can use all your models using very different list but it's always good to have a "tournament built" that you can use for more serious competitive play. I checked a few blogs and forums for advice and after talking with my friend Neil I've come up with this list:


Archon, Husk Blade, Blast Pistol, Soul-Trap, Combat Drugs, Shadow Field=160 

Heaemonculus, Scissorhand = 65 

Heaemonculus, Scissorhand, Liquifier = 75 


3 Kabalite Trueborn, 3 Blasters + Venom, Splinter Cannon=146 

9 Hekatrix Bloodbrides, 3 Shardnet & Impalers + Raider, Flickerfield=217 


2 x 9 Wyches, shardnet, Hekatrix (venomblade, phantasmal grenade), Raider (flickerfield) 390 

2 x 4 Wracks...80 


5 Scourges, 2 Heat Lance=134 

5 Scourges, 2 Heat Lance=134 

Heavy Support 

3 x Ravager, Night Shields = 345 

So, the focus here is mainly on anti-tank since most people play heavily mechanised armies these days. There are 20 lance weapons in total (3 dark lances from the Raiders, 9 from the Ravagers, 3 blasters from the Trueborns, 4 on the Scourges and a blast pistol on the Archon). The scourges will deploy depending on the terrain. If there is enough of it that blocks LoS and they can jump around protected from enemy fire then they could start on the table. Otherwise they could always Deepstrike near the vehicles since the 9'' melta range is more reliable in case they scatter too far away.

Anti-infantry will come mainly from the close combat units. Archon goes with the Bloodbrides since I think the girls are a good escort for him. They can protect him with the shardnets, so he can kill Monstrous Creatures and Independent Characters without risking too much himself. Also good for absorbing attacks from elite close combat units (TH Termies etc.). Obviously not too good against a plethora of normal attacks (ork mobs, assault marines) but I want to think that using the speed that the DE army has, you can pretty much dictate how the battle goes. After they get their first kill and acquire FnP you can pit them against anything.

Again, you have to be careful with the Wyches as well. The Haemonculi will ride with them to benefit them from FnP and help them a bit in close combat.  Better charge a weak unit first so you can get furious charge after you wipe it out. After that and if you have rolled for a decent combat drug effect you can be sure they could do some major damage in close combat. 

Wracks are there to be the objective contestants. Cheap and fairly durable (with T4 and FnP) you can hide them behind some LoS blocking terrain and pop them out in the last turn. Even with a 3+ cover save (after they have gone to ground) they should be pretty survivable.

What do you think? Is this a decent list for competitive play? Please suggest how I could improve it and generally the stuff that could be changed for something else. Thanks!


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  2. Personally, I still think you need more troop choices but that is just me.

    I would also pick what you want to do with the army. Do you want to have a shooting oriented list or an assault oriented list? What ever you decide max out on whatever choice best suit that role. I know for a fact you can fit way more then 20 lance weapons in at 1750, with that being said, a lot more venom weapons as well. Its all or nothing with Dark Eldar.

  3. Hey,

    So far i have played few games with the new DE codex and i suggest some changings on that list.

    Archon has a tipical setup Huskblade/Soultrap which is just fine.

    I wouldn't have Haemonculus with Scissorhand cos simply i don't wonna stick them with wych's assault, get them a liquifier and make sure you detach them from wych squad cos they have no fleet.

    personaly i don't like wrack's and specialy on low numbers. i played them once and i hated them, i guess it was my bad playing. ill give them a better try in future thou..

    Trueborn's are rly cool, i use a squad like that but having 4 than 3.

    I would love to hear how Sourge's will work on a game cos simply i haven't had the chance to try them!

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys!

    @ Brandon: I think that the DE army relies heavily on good synergy between shooty and killy units. If you went heavily on one side I think you would lose the balance. I am not quite sure but this is the impression I get. There are no game winning units here just good cooperation.

    @GuluGulu: For the Haemonculus. When you want to assault and you are not quite in range how about that. You disembark from the raider, detach the Haemon in the movement phase by moving him 2'' from the squad and then fleeting with the wyches and getting into assault. He is mainly there to protect them from shooting. Also, riding in a raider will give them enough charge range if you move 24'' in the first turn.

    Wracks are there only for objective contesting. Nothing more, nothing less. Same reason I always use 10 Grots in my Ork army. Cheap, scoring and fairly survivable unit if you keep them out of harms way.

    Maybe I could drop the 2nd wrack squad and get more trueborns then?

    Hehe if I convince my friend Leonidas to play with this list I will let you know how it went.