Monday, 29 November 2010

Warhammer + Tattoos

By Leah Kim Gavalas
Loquacious posted a very interesting article yesterday about the information you can extract from someones tattoos, especially about their gaming attitude. You can find it here, on her personal blog Wold of Wonder, or here, on the House of Paincakes blog. It features the recent tattoo of Isabella Von Carstein that my wife Leah gave to my mate Nick and also some personal skin art of yours truly. It is a very good read but as I said to Loquacious before I don't agree with it 100%. Trying to pigeonhole someone based on their skin art can lead to stereotyping. This is not very fair in my opinion since from my personal experience I have found that tattooed people are a wild and very diverse bunch of individuals. Nevertheless, the observations Loquacious made are very accurate  and she is trying to make educated guesses rather than stereotype people. So if you haven't read the article already, jump to the links and enjoy it!


  1. Thank you very much again. Did you check that album on Flickr?

  2. Nice tattoo, is your wife a tattooist?

  3. Yes, she is, Colonel. She had her own shop in Korea for 8 years and now we are going to open a new shop together over here.

  4. AntiPope,

    Yes, I did. I love her use of color- so well done and terrifically vivid!