Monday, 31 January 2011

More Blood Angels WIP (still unpainted)

After spending a considerable amount of time painting my Vanguard Veterans (and being quite fed up), I decided to put some little guys together instead. I recently received my order from Games Workshop so I had some work to do. So, take a look at what I've planned for my Blood Angels for the near future and tell me what you think.

This guy has to be my favourite librarian model. He looks stern, commanding and absolute. Plus he is carrying the only force weapon that I like. The other models with the axes and swords look kinda naff. The only problem is that I didn't like the left arm holding that book so much. I didn't quite get it, if you get my meaning. Is he trying to scare away the enemies with his homework? Furthermore I needed something more Blood Angel-y for him. The left shoulder pad was covered with scroll-work and other little thingies so I didn't really have any area to paint red.

 I decided to use that arm from the command squad sprue because it is pointing almost at the same directions he is looking at. I imagined him going like : "Blood Lance ho!" while pointing at a vehicle (which then promptly explodes). Plus, I used a shoulder pad from the death company sprue to give him a bit of a BA flavour. Overall, I am pleased with the result.

This is the direct only Sanguinary Priest. I am planning to use him as the Sanguinary Novitiate. I think he will look fabulous painted in all gold. Not much modification here, just used a left arm from the death company sprue for them well needed extra gems and purity seals.
You might remember this little guy from this post over here. I followed Loquacious advice (check it out in the comments of that post) and I was able to substitute his bolt pistol arm with a lightning claws one. Woo hoo! And thanks Spiros for giving me a couple of LC arms from his extra Space Wolves sprues. Oh, and I decided to use a different shoulder pad. Something with more wings. You can never have enough wings! I haven't glued the head yet because I want to undercoat it a different colour to the rest of the body (white).
And this is how my Honour Guard is going to look. I want to use laurels for the helmets to further differentiate them from normal assault marines (like the full gold armour isn't enough) and will also add some more purity seals on them. The squad is going to have 4 meltaguns. I was ready to buy the weapons from Games Workshop when I luckily stumbled upon this completely awesome post by Mr. Ash. I will now convert all my meltaguns to look like this. Saved a bit of money plus they are more distinctively Blood Angel. Win! Thank you Mr. Ash!
I think I am getting the hang of (sort of) blending colour using the airbrush. Of course it works much better on larger surfaces but I think it gives the jumpacks a nice effect. This is what I've done this far with them and hopefully I will finish painting them tonight. Wish me good luck!


  1. The poses here are cool too - at risk of sounding patronising, I'll say you have a real knack for this. I mostly agree on the librarian. This is definitely a strong pose and the staff for me too is the weapon best conveying the idea of a psyker.

  2. Why would you sound patronising Mr. Porky? Thank you for your kind words. I don't want to sound modest or anything but all my (sort of) "conversions" are really fast kit bashing. I don't plan much or anything like that. Just grab whatever I fancy and then stick them together.

  3. Glad the advice worked. Normally my advice gets "ignored" (at least around here, lol) so glad to see someone listening. =)

    Love the red for the jumppacks, they look great.

  4. Well, thank again! It is a great tip. And who dares not listen to you? The kids? I think it's the kids job not to listen to the parents so it's probably ok.

  5. Thanks for the kudos, Mr. The Antipope. :)

  6. Thank YOU Ash for your tip. And you can call me just Antipope or Anti if you will (but never, ever, ever Lefty).