Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pinkiest Horrors Ever!

Well, not really but you must admit they are pretty pink! I finished these guys over the last couple of days. Mainly because I was tired of waiting for my Blood Angel order to arrive and really needed something to sink my teeth into. It was a fairly fast paintjob (for my standards anyway) and I am pleased with the result. 

Didn't really try anything fancy now. No layering or highlighting. Just basecoating and washes. I started by airbushing Squid Pink from Vallejo (since that sweet, delicious Tentacle Pink is sadly out of production nowadays). I then painted the inside of the mouths with Scorched Brown, teeth and nails with Bleached Bone and beaks with Iyanden Darksun. 

I tried something fairly new to me, at least for infantry sized model and at this scale. I washed the whole model with enamel brown wash from MIG production. Then I wiped off all the excess paint from the surfaced with a cotton bud so that only the paint in the recesses remained. Worked pretty well and I will definitely use the same technique in similar models in the future. Maybe even do a tutorial about it.

Then I practise a couple of things I wanted to check out. First I wanted to see how blending with GW washes would work out. After trying it I'd say you can get good results but the process is way slow. I kinda botched the whole thing  because I was too impatient. So, I guess the moral here is to take the time and do it properly or not do it at all. Check out the result on these guys' beaks.

I then painted the tongues, warpfires and feathers with Ice Blue and gave them a wash with Asurmen Blue.
After that, I highlighted the teeth and nails with a little bit of Skull White. Then I wanted to try to paint gold using a Chainmail basecoat and then a few layers of Gryphon Sepia. I think it looks pretty good and will definitely paint my Sanguinary Guard this way (since I hate gold metallic paints).
I then finished the gems and bases and voila! Tell me what you think but keep in mind this was a speed painting thing and a good chance to try some new techniques. Oh, and here is a picture of the last guy so he doesn't complain:


  1. love those tongues! very good for a quick job.

    what kind of airbrush do you use?

  2. Excellent work -- I love the blue tongues!

  3. Thanks people!

    @ Lo: I use a Badger Crescendo 175 (they are made in the US). It's a double action and suction feed airbrush. It's okay I suppose but could be better. Still it's very helful!

    @ JJ: I wanted to keep the overall theme very bright (since I started from a light undercoat) so I thought that a very pale blue would make a nice contrast. I do like the models (in contrary to most people who thinks they are fugly) so I wanted to give them some justice even though I didn't want to spend too much time on painting them.

  4. A tutorial will be perfect.I want to beging a Daemon army and your Horrors look great.

  5. I might just have to do that. It's a simple and fast technique but with fairly good results.

  6. These are fantastic. I have quite a lot of trouble painting bright colors, but you seem to do it so effortlessly. I'm sure I'll be able to do them more easily with my airbrush though... Have to give it a whirl I guess :)

  7. Cheers mate. I'd say, if you start from a white undercoat and use the airbrush then it's pretty easy to get a bright colour. This has its drawbacks however since you'll then need to create all the shadows again plus paint all the parts, that are going to be metallic, black all over. Can be a pain in the butt sometimes. At least you get a very bright model. I'll try pre-shading them next time.

  8. ts drawbacks however since you'll then need to create all the shadows again plus paint all the parts, that are go