Saturday, 8 January 2011

Wyches Brew

The other day my mate Leonidas came around my place for some help with painting his wyches. He had to attend a tournament this weekend so he needed my skills with the airbrush for some fast results.

He wanted a dark red colour for the armour so I decided to undercoat the models black for added convenience.
I airbrushed a mixture of black and red paint, keeping it always as at a certain angle to achieve some highlighting.

After we painted all the skin parts with Dwarf Flesh and the hair with Orkhide Shade. I then airbrush Gloss Varnish to aid with washing. I used Thraka Green for the armour and enamel brown wash from MIG for the skin and hair. Leonidas had to leave at that point but I kept a model to further test the colour scheme. More pictures after the jump. Check them out and tell me what you think.


  1. I love the hair- and man, they are ripped!

    nice work.

  2. Nice work man.How much time it took you?

  3. Keep following my instructions Lefteris and you’ll do fine - I taught him everything he knows. Seriously now, that is amazing!! It sure looks different than when I left your house… You were right about the hair, green brings out the detail magnificently. But there is a problem: how do you expect me to reach that standard and paint the rest of the squad similarly?

  4. Cheers guys (and gal)!

    @ Lo: Those big muscles often have me wondering about their real gender. She might be buffed but I am sure you could still kick her butt (she is 25mm high anyway).

    @ WT: It took me and Leonidas about 4 hours for basing, priming and basecoating (3 colours) the 10 miniatures. Most of the time was spent trying to dry the tacky bases with my hairdryer (Leonidas glue the sand on only a few hours ago). After that the lady took me the best part of a day to finish. These models are very small and delicate so I used a finer approach to my painting. I tried to keep the highlights subtle (I think it worked) but it took me a long time).

    @ Moskitokiller: Well, think of this model as a guidline of how you could paint the rest up to the standard you are comfortable with. This can be the most prized miniature in your collection after all :P

  5. Great work and surely it makes me wanna try this whole airbrush trend that is going on... It surely leads to great results and fast! The hair are really great looking. Only slight thing I might have done different is the reds a tad more vivid maybe another layer of highlight?

    And could this tournament Leonidas is attending is this whole challenge thing with the Failed Chargers? :P

  6. The red is wonderfully deep, and for me ideal just as it is. The green really does bring it out, and I like that both colours avoid being garish. In fact the whole scheme is naturalistic and subdued, and I think this complements the dynamic posing very well. The flash of blue and the damaged pauldron itself really add character. It would be a prized mini in anyone's collection..!

  7. @ Cadaver. The tournament was the 1st Captain’s call. I ended up 3rd. But the meeting with the Failed Chargers would be the next event that this unit will appear! We shall meet there. Regarding the red, I wanted it dark and in the colour of roof tiles that is why I made it like that. It is the main colour theme of my army.

  8. Cheers lads!

    @ Cadaver : What Leonidas said! Hope to see you next week in Kallithea.

    @ PP : Thank you Mr. Orky Porky (sorry, I couldn't resist). I wanted to keep the reds in the armour fairly "natural" so I kept the highlights sublte even though I highlighted up to Bleached Bone at some spots.