Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Check this out: War Tales

Gentlemen, I would like to talk to you tonight about one of my favourite places in the blogsphere. War tales! It is a humble blog (if you look at it this way) of a fellow Greek warhammer enthusiast. However, I have never seen anyone with such a creative output (in quantity and quality) except maybe from some professional painters. Every other day, he will post a picture (or two) of a beautifully painted miniature and most of the times it will be accompanied by some fluffy text or a mini editorial which is always a joy to read. I like this blog so much, I am already following it twice!

Another thing that amazes me is his aptitude to fluctuate seamlessly between totally different projects and still manage to produce fantastic models for almost every army he delves into. His Angels Sanguine army is one of the best around and here is the proof:

Note the awesome, freehand lettering.
But not only that, he has also a pretty impressive Salamanders project in the works.

He even delves into that square based nonsense and even then he manages to deliver! What is his secret, that's what I want to know!

So if you haven't done already, please start following this blog NOW. Every few days you will be presented with beautifully painted miniatures, from various ranges, and who doesn't like that? Furthermore he is from Greece as well (yeah, we are multiplying) so for most of you people (US, Northern Europe) it must be very interesting to see how people are approaching the hobby in the other side of the world. Go on then, check it out!

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