Friday, 4 February 2011

Vanguard Veterans Finally Finished

At last! I put the final touches today and here they are for your viewing pleasure. I couldn't resist to give them some cheesy vampiresque storm shield. I think they look good enough with the rest of the model. But without further ado here they are in all their glory:

So what do you think?


  1. Sweet, they look so much better than the metal Vanguards, and less breakable too. The muted gold makes them look very serious and dark, I may rip it off for my own Blood Angels.

  2. Damn those are some fine looking models.I love the extra feeling if those shields.
    why don't you share your secret for those superb bases?

  3. Very slick! Only one I'm not totally sold on is the P-Fist guy's shield - the head or wings could do with some accentuating IMO.

    Otherwise they're top notch!

  4. Thanks people!

    @ Curis: I think the metal Vanguard Veterans look okay but I wanted something with a more distinct blood angel favour. Plus I always prefer plastic than metal. The gold part was made with various Griffon Sepia and Ogryn Flesh washes over a Chainmail undercoat. Pretty easy actually.

    @WT: I have a sort of a guide of how to make those bases here: . Hope it helps!

    @ GH: Yeah I know what you mean. I am too lazy these days, I expect that my airbrush does all the highlights for me. I did some with a brush but they are very subtle, kinda hard to tell from the pics.

  5. realy nice work pope !!! definitely one of my favorite color scheme for BL.

  6. I love the detail work on the jump packs themselves, mate!

    - D.