Saturday, 12 February 2011

Ork Warbuggy Completed

Don't you just love ork vehicles? All you have to do is glue together whatever orky bits you might have, stick them four wheels and Robert's your father's brother!  The more ramshackle and impossible it looks, the more orky it will be. You can never go wrong. I opted for a much simpler conversion for this buggy though since I already bought the official model. Just wanted to make it look more like a 21st century ork design since I think the old article dates back from the Gorkamorka days of yore. This wasn't too hard as you can see. Just swapped the crue for two of the newer boyz and changed the front panel and the engine from a Trukk (they are useless anyway, didn't mind wasting one for this conversion).

Obviously, layering, blending and edge highlighting is not for the orks. These techniques lend themselves better to neat models like Space Marines. Our green friends must remain unkempt and gritty. But how can you make a model interesting without the aforementioned techniques? Simple enough. With weathering! I used pigment powders extensively especially on the wheels and I think I got a fairly convincing result. Also the engine turned out looking very dirty and greasy, just barely able to work for the battle. It was pretty quick too, around two evening of works. So if you haven't added pigment powders in your painting arsenal yet I would definitely recommend that you too as soon as possible. Let me know what you think of this little contraption. 
The transfers on the mudguards are from the orky Forge World transfer sheet
I used black pigment powder on the engine to simulate the build up from the smoke

I think I got nice and subtle variation of tone combining a few pigments powders and a realistic result 
After applying the transfer, I drybrushed it with Blood Red for the fading effect
Used a think wash of Scorched Brown and Gloss Varnish to make the engine look more greasy


  1. Αn excellent looking model.Well Done Antipope.

  2. Looks really good! Now get some more painted! lol

  3. Cheers guys! And I'll keep on painting, don't you worry Mr. Brandon!

  4. Ah... more orky goodness!! Great weathering project, makes me want to try my pigments and my Forgeworld transfers ... Keep them coming!!