Saturday, 28 May 2011

Blood Angels vs Eldar Battle Report

I got to play another game against my mate, the legendary Talos, yesterday. We have both started new armies in the last few months so this is a good way to put them to the test. Despite the awesome  thunderstorm we made it into Game Corps. store for our battle. Stavros was very eager to write a battle report (you will find out why after reading it) so without any permission or anything from him (like I need it) I am posting it here too. MUHAHAHAH!!! Enjoy!

5 Objectives / Spearhead 

Retrieval of spirit stones is usually not Sinalin’s concern. Yet the strands of fate sung to her that this battle would need all the strength the Iybraesil could muster. 

The 5 stones were located in a ruined city, under the ever vigilant eye of the Blood Angels. Yet the Eldar had little trouble arriving in the surface of the planet seemingly unnoticed. But as many times as the runes were cast, the prophesy was the same: eldar blood will be spilled. So Sinalin, cautious as ever, ordered an ambush near the site of the spirit stones. All was set, everything in place, yet the runes prophesied bloodshed once more... 

"Farseer the prey is within range. They are but a handful of Losseainn. They search the ruins, but there is a group of golden masked warriors with a librarian surveying the field. They should be no match for our weapons". Obviously this pathfinder never faced an Honor Guard before, the farseer thought. 

"They have Eldar blood on their hands. Our brethren and even our own. Attack as planned. Show no mercy to the Mon keigh", Sinalin ordered. The Banshees next to her nodded, wore their masks and gripped their weapons tight. 

The response to her orders was immediate. The 2 falcons surged forward and the wave serpent of the Magister followed them. The wave serpent of the Dire Avengers along with the war walker guarded the rear. The pathfinders calmly put the Librarian in their sights, and fired, wounding him but he held his ground. One falcon after an elegant, swift turn, open its doors and 5 fire dragons came out, weapons primed and ready. The Honor Guard was the target of their fury and after their weapons stopped blazing only 3 remained. Then pulse lasers, brightlances and shuriken projectiles filled the air, leaving only the Novitiate alive. 

The war walkers guided by the visions of Sinalin, fired at a squad of Marines in ruins, but even though they found their target many times, only two fell. The others either were protected by their armor or simply took the pain as if nothing happened. 

Then the sound of jump packs coming from the sky. Who ambushed whom, Sinalin thought. 

1 Squad of veterans landed near one falcon while the other landed near the walkers. 1 squad of marines landed near the empty falcon and another jumped out of the ruins. Meltas fired and the falcon exploded taking with him one of the fire dragons inside. The rest were pinned, but thankfully the fire and smoke prevented the veterans from assaulting them. 1 squad of marines charged the other squad of fire dragons in revenge for their dead librarian and killed 3 of them. The other veterans charged the walkers and the serpent of the dire avengers, destroying one walker and immobilizing the serpent. The novitiate charged the empty falcon and he managed to shake it. 

The warp spiders heard the call from the farseer, and materialized in the battlefield, only too far to make a difference. Their exarch did not hesitate one moment and commanded his squad to energize once again their warp jump generators. The exarch of the dire avengers held his position in the serpent as it crash landed. He ordered to evacuated the vehicle and saw the wreckage of one war walker. The rest of them were still engaged in the fight. But the squad of veterans waiting to attack the fire dragons provided a more immediate threat and he ordered his squad to move around their vehicle and hurled against the veterans a storm of monomolecular blades. What was the veterans now was a fine red mist. 
Sinalin saw the destruction around her and commanded the banshees out of the serpent. The banshees were after the 2 squads of marines near the surviving fire dragons while Sinalin herself moved near the walkers, but not before she melted the brain of a sanguinary priest. Her serpent fired its brightlances against the Novitiate but as he plunged for his life, the battlefield provided him with enough cover to save him. The walkers tried but could not harm the tough veterans. On the other hand they blew up the scatter laser off one walker. 

The banshees sneered at the cowering Novitiate as they hurled themselves against 2 squads of marines, unleashing a scream so terrible that before the marines regained their spirit, 4 of them were already dead. The marines claimed the life of 3 banshees and the fight kept on. 
More marines jumped out the ruins and charged the banshees and the 2 surviving fire dragons . Only they didn't expect their exarch to command a counter attack that claimed 3 of their lives. They managed to kill the fire dragons and kept their ground. The veterans managed to finish what they started and destroyed the walker that previously lost its weapon, and kept on fighting the last one. 

The warp spiders got close but not close enough to make a difference and continued to jump toward the fray. The 4 fired dragons managed to get out of the crater that once was their falcon and fired their fusion gun on the Novitiate, leaving only ashes. The pathfinders saw the opportunity and moved toward the empty falcon as the dire avengers moved inside the Sinalin’s serpent for protection. The banshees killed 2 marines and lost 2 of their own. Sinalin herself charged against the veterans and killed 2 of them. The rest could do nothing against her and the walkers. 

The marines struggled against the banshee and her exarch. They killed the banshee and but not before losing 2 more marines to their power weapons. Sinalin killed the rest of the veterans and gazed upon the battlefield. Death and destruction lay around her but her mind was on the spirit stones. 

The rest of the marines were easy targets and all but one, were killed and she had her prize. Now it was time to quickly return to the craftworld before the Blood Angels returned en mass.


  1. Nice battle report!, whatever the result battling Eldar with Space Marines is always a difficult job.

  2. Nice report, but put some photos next time! :)