Friday, 3 June 2011

Kill Team video game looks awesome

This looks like a very fun game. I presume the gameplay will be similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance, a franchise I am very fond of. Have to get my PS3 back from my brother to play this little appetiser of a game (comes out in July) before the main course in September (Space Marine).


  1. i would like to see a turn based game based on wh40k in the future, something close to the boardgame. it seems it will be a nice game this kill team.

  2. Have you ever played Squad Command? It was pretty bad in my opinion. I enjoyed the rts games (dawn of war) but Fire Warrior was pretty bad also. I think a decent 3rd person shooter would be really good but we have to wait and see.

  3. Squad Command was awful...!Fire Warrior was a mess of a game but with really cool cinematics. Space Marine has the potential to become a really cool 3rd person shooter and I definately can't wait!! This looks more arkade to me than anything else. I'm playing Zombie Nation these days in PS3 and it really reminds me of what Kill Teams might look like.