Sunday, 21 August 2011

Greek ETC 40K team second day

I was just informed by Leonidas on the phone that Greece finished on the 24th place. That's dead last if you haven't already figured it out. Germany won first place followed by Poland and US finished on the third spot. What I said yesterday still stands. It really doesn't matter how we did this time. I think that it's better to participate in something and don't do well than not participate at all. This was Greece's first time on the 40K ETC anyway. Still, everyone in the team seems to had a blast and Leonidas sounded very excited. I would like to congratulate the Greek team for making it on the ETC despite everything else and I am sure next year it will be even better. Excpet extensive battle reports from Leonidas when he gets back!


  1. You guys can only move on up now ;p

  2. Yep, that's one of the positive things of being ranked dead last.

  3. All hail our players who managed to go there, we are all proud of you guys, whatever the results.

    Managing to go to this tournament after all the difficulities here, is a victory on it self.

  4. "Managing to go to this tournament after all the difficulities here, is a victory on it self."

    Amen to that!

    So Panagiotis, are you going there next year to bring us some quality battle reports back?

  5. the only way is up is exactly right that's the position my Northern Ireland team was in last couple of years considering we have not yet won a round at the ETC it's the only way you can learn so well done to everyone.

  6. Like everyone has said the only way is up.

    Also I am guessing things were not as easy for Leo and the guys with having 4 polish mercs in the team. Not saying they were bad players, just that it makes a HUGE difference if the team are able to practice and plan together on a regular basis. Especially given how important things like the pairings are on the results.

    I have to say though that despite coming last Leo and the boys did you guys proud by playing every game with a smile on their faces. I know a lot of the UK teams, and the US team, all thought they were ace (though not sure about that drink Leo gave all the Scots on Sunday night...), and we are all going to be looking forward to seeing a full pure Greek team in Poland.

    That means you Lefteris ;-)

  7. Dude, I promise, if I can make it to the team next year and can afford the trip I will definitely be there!

    And what about that drink? Big scottish lads can't handle a bit of Greek moonshine (70% probably)? Actually, I wouldn't touch that stuff with a 10 foot stick.

  8. Seriously that stuff was like jet fuel!

    Next time I am giving Leo the cheap whiskey, not my finest ;-)

  9. Hello everyone. I am back.
    Yes, we did it! Everyone saw our backs! Cause we were facing the other way...
    Te event was amazing. Players from all around the world exchanging thoughts and having fun. That was the best part, the people.
    The location was amazing. It was unexpectedly hot and humid but the view was great. Swimming in the lake after the matches was the best treat (very few of us dared, I do not know why).
    The downside was the prices. I know it is Switzerland, but it was too much. It was 1.5 times the London prices in everything. The water especially. We paid 12 Francs the bottle in a restaurant!!!
    6 games is a test for anyone’s toughness. At the end of the event everyone was crushed.
    It was also a great lesson for all the Greek payers. The level of strategy was amazing. I definitely learn more than a couple of things just by participating. I honestly believe I became a better player – me and the rest of the guys- just by being there.
    Neil, I offered you a bottle of great tsipouro from Tyrnavos, a fair trade for Ballantines. I still regret not going out with you on Sunday, but my team-mates were wasted and I was not in a much better condition... It was great meeting you and I am looking forward for our next encounter.