Saturday, 20 August 2011

Small update from the Greek 40K ETC team

I just hanged up the phone with Leonidas who is currently in Switzerland, competing with the Greek Team for the 40K European Team Championship. Apparently they haven't done very well today, losing from the US, the Welsh and Norwegian Teams. He lost 3 games against Space Marines and Grey Knights but I am pretty sure he is going to do a full report of the event when he gets back so I am not going to elaborate more over here. So, news on the competitive side are not that good but that doesn't matter at all. It's important that Greece sent a 40K team for the first time in ETC regardless of their results. I want to wish them good luck for tomorrow and I can't wait to hear their stories when they come back.


  1. yes that is the most important thing, that we do indeed send a team to the 40kETC, that is a victory on it self.

    good luck to the guys.

    Sad that the Invulnerable couldn't be there to make a report.

  2. The best of luck for the next games for the guys!!

    Panos, a report from the Invulnerable would be a blast on this one!! :)

  3. We should create a hedge fund "SENT MARKADOR TO THE ETC" so we can have some quality reports next year.

  4. I ll drink to that.Markador for the next Team Captain 40k. :D