Monday, 14 November 2011

Footcron Fun

Since I don't have any relevant pictures to post, here are some from my weekend 's expedition because...why not?
The list I posted recently was more of a mechanised affair. I was wondering how Necrons would look on the other side of the spectrum. A pure Infantry list AKA Footcrons. Let's take a look of what I figured out:

Imotekh [225]

Overlord, Tachyon Arrow, Ressurection Orb, Phaeron, Sempiternal Weave [185] 

Cryptek, HoD [35] 

Cryptek, HoD, Solar Pulse [55] 

Cryptek, HoE, Chronometron [35] 

10 Immortals, Gauss Blasters [170] 

10 Immortals, Gauss Blasters [170] 

6 Warriors [78] 

6 Warriors [78] 

4 Scarab Swarms [60] 

4 Scarab Swarms [60] 

4 Scarab Swarms [60] 

3 Spyder, Gloom Prism, TL Particle Beamer  [180] 

3 Spyder , Gloom Prism ,TL Particle Beamer [180] 

3 Spyder, Gloom Prism , TL Particle Beamer [180]

First of all, I know I told you to stay away from Imotekh but in this case he actually works. Why? Because the premise of the list is a first turn scarab swarm charge. Let me try to explain.
Greece is not only sandy beaches you know, we have our share of grimdark frozen forests as well.
I don't know if the Scarab Hive special rule is going to change in a future FAQ or something but at the time being you can use it this way. Let's say you are deploying in Pitched Battle or Spearhead. Presuming that your opponent parks his vehicles as close as possible to you, you can deploy your scarabs 24'' inches away from them in both cases.

If you start first (that's where Imotekh helps a lot here) you can use the Spyders on each scarab unit to create more scarab swarms. The first Spyder creates a Scarab base in one of the units. Place it on the unit within 2'' of coherency of course but towards the vehicle you want to assault. When the next Spyder creates one more base now put that in coherency with the base that was previously created, again as close as possible to the vehicle you want to assault. And so on.

This way, in our list, each Spyder unit can give each Scarab unit an extra 10,5'' (6'' for coherency and 4,5'' for base size) range for charging. Now add the 6'' for movement, D6'' for running and 12'' for assault and you have a potential 34'' charge range!

Think of the implications now. You are charging before the opponent had a chance to move so you  auto hit them. Seven Scarab bases will destroy a Land Raider or you could kill easily up to six or seven vehicles with AV10 on the back. If your opponent has an uber tough and expensive Deathstar inside a Land Raider or a Storm Raven, you can add more than 3 bases on one of the Scarab units. You will then have enough range and bases to encircle the said vehicle. Wreck it with Entropic Strikes (guaranteed) and the unit inside dies. Game Over!

If your opponent realised what you are going to do then he will be forced to deploy very defensively with his vehicles as far away as possible from you. In this case you are still quite safe, since his close combat unit will be far away from you too charge and his shooty units will probably be out of reach because of the Night Fight. You can then take your time to produce a lot of bases in each scarab unit so you can kill his vehicles even when hitting them on a 6. 

The rest of the stuff are shooty. The Immortals with 2 Phaerons can shoot up to 30''. The Cryptek with the Chronometron will help the generic Overloard with his Tachyon Arrow (I don't trust that BS4 for a 30 point item). Other than that , Spyders are there to protect your troops from assault units and the two small necron squads are there for scoring purposes.

What do you guys think?


  1. Welcome back from your Athens adventure.

    If I were a foot-slogging Necron, I'd want a Phaeron with the Immortals definately. Shooting as though you're standing still with rapid fire weapons is worth the extra 20pts.

    Those scarabs may be cheap, but I pity any vehicle that gets within range. Small point. If I were an Imperial Guard, I'd have basilisks hiding at the back with their 240" S9 AP2 large blast. How would you combat that, or 72" battle cannons?

    Having seen your previous list, are your warriors marching behind to claim objectives?

  2. Going against IG is a mixed bag I guess. On the one hand, he has more than enough disposable bodies to bubble wrap his vehicles (so they won't get charged by Scarabs) but then again Gauss Blasters would make short work of them.

    Even if you don't get them on the first turn, his vehicles won't be moving too much (since they are mainly gunboats so that would make them innefective) so you can get them on following turns. Also most of his vehicles are prone to get buggered by Immotekhs lightning strikes so I wouldn't worry too much.

    I am not scared of Basilisks too much. Ordnance is not the most reliable weapon, especially when rolling 3D6'' for scatter (night fight). You can deal with one of them with the Tachyon arrow I guess although there are probably more important targets for it (ie Vendettas).

    Worst case scenario, even if it hits a full squad of Immortals (if I was stupid enough not to spread them out properly) it would do 10 wounds, 5 of them would be cover saves and then another 2 or 3 would be saved by Ress Protocols (and one soaked up by the Overlord maybe). So we are talking about 2-3 Immortals maximum, nothing to worry too much about it.

    Yes, the 2 small units of Necrons are there for scoring purposes only. Since we have no vehicles in this list to protect the troops, we need more bodies.

  3. Its true artillary is best against Tyranids and Orks. Even if you scattered 18" you're likely to hit something.

    Leman Russ, being cumbersome, can move at slow speed (think it's cruising speed) and fire it's battle cannon. Better choice against smaller, elite armies. Should of said, I'm aiming the large blast markers at the scarabs.

    Think it's a case of: shoot the scarabs get gaussed. Shoot the Immortals get entropied.

    Going against space marines, the scarabs eat their power armour as easily as their vehicles. I like scarabs.

    If I had played against you, as Imperial Guard, I think I'd go all infantry. You now find your scarabs lacking any armour to chomp, except maybe storm troopers. Would you adapt the list, or would the scarabs still find a home against them?

  4. Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying but Entropic Strikes don't work the same way on non vehicles units. You have to cause an unsaved wound on a non vehicle model in order to eat up it's armour.

    So against SM it would be useless since you are killing them in the first place. Monstrous Creatures would be the best candidates for this but I don't think it's a good idea to get scarabs into close combat with them since they usually have S>6. Paladins also could suffer from this albeit slighlty.

    An all infantry guard army with a lot of infantry blobs would be very hard to beat I think. I'd have to stay at a distance and hit them with the Blasters for a couple of turns before the scarabs could close in for the kill.

  5. I did realise you had to cause a wound for entropic strike to work. And it only strips the armour of those wounded, not the whole squad. I'm having a dead-brain day so not surprised at misunderstanding.

    I recently worked out that 13 scarab bases cost the same as a C'tan with entropic touch (before adding a 2nd ability). They may not be as strong, or tough, or monstrous, but scarabs have so many wounds they're practically an army in themselves. Think it's 3 wounds per base which makes 39!

    I think gauss is better than tesla for guard splatting. True the tesla can roll to zap 2 others for each 6 rolled to hit, but the high strength and armour penetration of a gauss inflicts more casualities.

    During a bored moment I sat rolling dice to determine which is best between tesla and gauss.