Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Stupid Spammers

Seriously, what the heck is going on here? Only four hits from the legit Google and more than a hundread from these jokers? Why are they doing this to me? They make any money from this? Please, could anyone that knows about SEO or something explain it to me? It's not a big deal, I know, it just makes me feel so...dirty...


  1. All this blogging stuff is new to me. I go to faeit212 and if you appear in the right I take a look, especially if Necrons is mentioned.

    Tried to set up a blog myself and my brain phased out!

  2. Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly good to see linking from other legit blogs and that's how I get most of my traffic.

    However, links from spammy websites that have nothing to do with the hobby are just frustrating and suspicious.

    I think you can follow some blogs with google reader withought having to make a blog of your own, or you can even subscribe to your favourite ones through RSS or email. I guess just checking a blog with a good blogroll will do as well.

  3. Not forgeting that spam from websites seem, I could be wrong, to slow things down. You're not alone in this, but it often takes 2-5mins before I can read anything as the screen freezes.

    Thanks for the tip too. I might set up a blog, but think I need 24 free hours and a barrel of strong coffee before I take it on.

  4. ...but the good dirty though! does happen now and again.

  5. My favorite is when it tells me that my own site is referring to itself.

  6. That's like dividing by zero, an infinite cyber loop that will consume the internet!