Thursday, 17 November 2011

What Does Your Army Say About You?

I was walking to my local net cafe today , thinking about the short story of Dark Angels i read in the Imperial Armor 5 book, siege of Vraks. When it struck me that, the army that i play and love (Dark Angels) actualy in a way represents me. So i found some time to make a compilation of what each army may say about its owner, from a fluff point of view!

Space Marines- The people that play space marines are the majority of people that you know. They are sick and tired of every day, seeing humans and their flaws, they realize that even though they too are in a way connected to humanity , they are just a tid bit better than the others, or at least, don't suffer from the common short comings as they perceive others do. These people associate themselves with a certain aspect of personality, be it discipline, walking the thin line or any other like it. However they know that just because they associate themselves with it, they are in no way constricted by it alone.

Chaos Space Marines- These folks come in many different flavors, just like normal space marine players they associate themselves with a certain aspect of their personality. These aspects however can be limited to several categories. The people that play chaos space marines are usualy firm in their belief , and as stubborn as goats, its nigh impossible to convince them that they are wrong. Some are prone to anger bursts (funny enough its usually not the Khorne players) when the dice betray them. They are rather arrogant at times, and see themselves a step above the rest, they dont always talk about it, but once again they dont have any reservations, they dont openly claim to be the best not because they think they will be shunned, but because deep inside, they have compasion and dont want to hurt others by telling them that they are inferior.

Demons- These folks are usualy extremists, they either want it all the way or not at all. Middle ground has never been their thing, and where as they sometimes have been found standing there, it was most definately not to their preferance or choosing. For them a firm belief is only worthy if it is upheld in them most strict sense, otherwise its a waste of their time and effort.

Black Templars- These guys are something else, not only do they think that theyre always right, they think that theyre right in most things, but they will argue about one topic specificaly and they will argue it untill the sun grows cold, its not that theyre incapable of seeing logic, its just that theyve had several examples of where they were proven right and they cling on to this stubborness no matter what. This is also a good thing as it is usualy long and arduous argueing that will prove a point, rather then a hasty back downing defeat.

Space Wolves- These folks can be seen as drunks or as people who take the world at a feathers weight. If youve seen watch man, then youre the comedian. Nothing is really serious around you, and where as you can get as serious as the situation requires, at the end of the day you really do prefer to sit back and enjoy yourself, doing what you do best and get most fun out of.

Blood Angels- These guys seem to have taken their armies personality and taken it a step further. I might be the only one here, but it seems to me that blood angel players are always grumpy, and easy to anger, and most of the time its over details. These guy seem to sway from overgrown cry babies, to the best of friends one can ask for. If i didnt know better id say these guys suffer from PMS.

Grey Knights- Interesting breed these players. Quite resolute in their way of living life. Theyre usualy fun to be around, fun to play with. Most have some personaly code of honour which they would rather not share. These guys are usualy the ones that will help you out in time of need and ask nothing in return.

Dark Angels- Well, these guys are more complex then youre average onion in layer structure! They are always watching out for themselves, they know that its the only way that they can survive. When theyre unlucky enough to make a bond with another beeing, they will propably do everything they can untill their last breathe to preserve it. The sad truth is, they will never let anyone know this. In fact they will never open up truthfully to anyone. They will forever be haunted by their own inner selves, and in some cases it will make them great leaders, while in others, great thinkers.

Imperial Guard- Besides having some sort of mazochistic tendancy to pain hundreds of models or buy immense ammounts of tanks, these guy usualy come with deep personal problems. I really dont think i ever met an IG player that had a perfect life. The thing about IG players, is that they sometimes let these problems take over and in this they portray a piece of their army. Its quite interesting actually, if you have a friend who plays IG, go uo to him one day and ask him : "Is everything ok buddy?"

Tau- These guys most propably not only have tau but other armies, so refer to them. However keep in mind that it takes a great strength of character to stick to something you believe in, especialy when others reject those ideas or ideals. If anything, you are very stoic and righteous in youre ideals.

Tyranids- These guys had the best upbringing anyone could have wished. No matter how they got where they are in life, they learned lessons, and those lessons have stuck well with them. Just like Grey Knight players, these guys are very helpfull and will go out of theur way t help friends. Emperor forbid they ever get pissed off at you though, you sure as hell would like that!

Eldar- These players are the mature ones of the hobby. Sure there are some black sheep, but for the most part, they understand that there are important things in life and then there are the not so important. When they play a game, they play a game, when they do surgery in an eye clinic, they do surgery in an eye clinic. There is a big thick wall seperating these categories.

Dark Eldar- These dudes are either too cocky, or not cocky enough. They come in all sizes, flavors and colors. You can have a chubby, metal head , mohawk wearing dude play DE, or you can have a quiete slim "Study alot at home" guy playing them. Obviously theres no comparison between the two usually. However both believe they have hidden potential, and if life wasnt treating them like its little bitch, they could unlock it.

Necrons- Precise, would be the best way to describe you. You dont believe in lying, you dont believe in harming people. However you do believe that some things must be done regardless of what cost, you have impartial clarity, you can be unbiased even when others wouldnt.

Orks- So much to say about these guys ! First of, they are usualy friendly in appearence, however deep inside they already know who they will stand up for and who they wont. Sometimes they are quick to judge and at other times slow, one thing is sure however. Once you gain their trust, it stays. Ork players are some of the most loyal people you will meet. They are easy going, and dont really make a fuss about something they see as un-important, however dont mistake this easy going for inability. An ork player can propably beat the living crap out of anyone he wants. I wouldnt be surprised if all Ork players secretly or openly listen to metal!


  1. Very interesting read. So, I play several armies, where would you pigeonhole me? Hope not IG!!!

    BA description fits Lakaidemon perfectly and so does the Necron/Eldar for Talos!

  2. What you said about the Necrons is true enough. Though I won't deny I have a Terrible Temper when provoked beyond tolerance or incensed at injustice.

    Perhaps I'm a Necron with a moderate symptom of Destroyer.

  3. LOL, you play against some screwed up players!

  4. So a someone who has:

    Space marines,
    Space Wolves,
    Blood Angels,
    Imperial Guard,
    and Eldar.

    Who am I??? :p

  5. @The Antipope This is some interesting read indeed. Lakaidemon fits perfectly as a BA! As for you, I would say you are closer to Orks!


  6. Orks eh? I can live with that I guess.

    @MC Tic Tac: Well I play multiple armies too, but which one is your favourite?

  7. Oooo that's a tough one, I love my IG, but my SW is what got me blogging and now I'm working on my own chapter using the BA codex!?!

    I'd have to say IG - but I played them since 3rd Edition - before they were cool!

  8. I played IG since 3rd too (althought Necrons were my first 40k army and O&G my first fantasy army) back then with the crappy codex and everything (used to lose much more that I'd win).

    However I think deep down, Orks might be my favourite.

  9. Antipope is an Ork, definately!
    Lakedaimon is a BA, but with one correction: his ‘anger’ and ‘temper’ is almost always pretence. He wear a ‘war masque’ when playing.

    I am a DE, and I fit into the description ‘too cocky’. I did not get this comment about secret potentials. Mine are not hidden, is for everyone to see them and have not complaints with life, she is not such a bitch after all...

    The author is a DA player. Honestly, tell us: someone broke your heart recently, am I right? That ‘other being’ that the DA ‘will probably do everything they can until their last breathe to preserve it’.

    I am very curious to understand the criteria you used to make this very interesting assessment. I suppose is an arbitrary assessment, based on personal experience.

    The last year I got involved into knowledge based analysis, using logical algorithms and fuzzy logic. I even published a paper on a conference, 4 months ago, based on a fault tree analysis.
    We can create questioners and generate quantitative data, by assigning values on the answers. Then we can build a set of profiles. We need someone with some psychological knowledge, but I am aware that there are standardised tests that are in use and that classify individual on types of vocational abilities or behaviour etc.
    We can have a first attempt, here on the blog...