Monday, 12 December 2011

Reverse Painting Contest from For Holy Terra blog.

I got a request from Mr. Paul Bagosy to plug his contest on this here blog. It's a painting contest with a twist from the For Holy Terra blog, scroll down for more details but also make sore to visit the blog to get all the additional details. As a sidenote, you don't need to have a blog to participate in the contest.

Contest Details

What you have to do: Create a Space Marine chapter! And when I say “create,” I mean from the ground up. Name, Colors and Herladry are the absolute minimum requirements, but this contest isn’t going to be judged on looks alone – you need to flesh out the character of the chapter. If you want a good example of what I’m looking for, take a look at the Lexicanum entries on Doom EaglesMantis Warriors and Red Scorpions.
Note that this has to be an original work.  Do not submit fluff for your version of the Ultramarines’ 5th Company.
You don’t need to provide every last detail about your chapter, but a good range of information is advisable.  You’ll also need to provide an image of a marine from your chapter – I highly recommend the Bolter & Chainsword Space Marine Painter.
If you’ve previously created a chapter and you think it’s already pretty good, that’s cool!  Feel free to submit it.
So what’s likely to win?   I can’t really say until I start seeing entries, but I’m looking for something that really carves itself out as original while still remaining true to the 40k/Space Marine essence.


So I said this was a “reverse painting contest,” right?  Well, here’s how the prizes work:  Once I’ve chosen the winning entries, I will assemble and paint the stuff out of the Battle Force box in the colors and heraldry of the winners!
1st Place: Magnetized Rhino*
2nd Place: 10-man Tactical Squad
3rd Place: 5-man Assault Squad and 5-man Scout Squad
Just to be clear:
The prizes will come fully assembled and painted in the colors and heraldry of the winner of that prize!
And believe you me, I will be dipping deep into my bitz boxes to round these out. It’s not going to be just the stuff I find in the Battleforce box.  I’ve already grabbed a bunch of stuff to make everything look great.
I will keep as true to your created fluff as possible in regards to assembling and painting, but the customization will be all mine.  Also, please let me know which Codex I should work from: Space Marines, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Black Templars or Dark Angels.  It shouldn’t really matter, but you never know what crazy ideas I might get.
* When I say magnetized, I mean ready to turn into a Razorback/Whirlwind/Predator if you’ve got the bitz, and containing almost every option.  It’ll have a removable Storm Bolter and Hunter/Killer missile with option turret hatches, removable doors, etc.


The contest runs from right now until December 31st, 2011.
Entries must be emailed to me, and must contain separate images of your marine and chapter symbol.  Text should be in any format readable by Microsoft Word 2007 (copied into the body of your email is fine).
When you email me your entry, leave a post here letting me know, just in case my spam filter eats it.
If you’ve happened upon my site because of this contest, please join me on Google Friend Connect (right there on the left-hand side under Tags).
I will be judging the entries myself, and all of them will be posted on this site around one per day after I get done with the judging, runners-up first, then 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winner. I will then begin posting WIP shots of the prizes. I will make every effort to ship them to their respective winners on or before February 29th, 2012.
One entry per person, please!
Good luck! If you’ve got questions, ask Mr. Bagosy here.
And make sure you check the original post over here. 


  1. Thanks!

    One of these days I may even finish writing the fluff for those images.

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