Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Internet Strike against SOPA

Yeah, that's why I haven't posted for so long! Because I am on strike! Well not really, I was just procrastinating. That's doesn't mean I can't support the strike against SOPA going on right now. I would suggest to all people to visit the site above and make sure to sign the petition so our internet can remain free of censorship. 

Thankfully it's petition signing and general internet freedom awareness. I thought it was a strike against SOAP  and my wife informed my that I started getting a bit stinky!


  1. I say old boy, if one does not like the language or contents of a certain website, one should simply avoid that website.

    I for one believe you can construct a perfectly audible and understandable sentence without the use of obsenities or inuendoes. Just as I believe you can have a perfectly entertaining and enjoyable website without scantally clad individuals or scenes of a violent nature.

    If, however, that is your thing. That is your business.

    If one expects others to mind their own business and not criticise ones choices, one should mind ones own business and not criticise other peoples choices.

  2. @ Brother Thomas - offtopic much?

    @ Antipope - striking is good, acting is even better, good to see link to petition up. The Avaaz petition is also a good place to go - -
    Keep up da bloggin'!