Saturday, 27 October 2012

BatRep: Chaos Reigns Supreme

So then, as most of you know, the Dark Angels have always been either too loyal or too disloayal! Unlike most other chapters out there who had some loyalists and some traitors thoughout the years, the Dark Angels were splintered during the great Horus Heresy. And since that day almost no other Dark Angel has fallen to Chaos due to the vigorous watch of the Interrogator-Chaplains. Where as those who turned from the Emperor and / or the Lion has never come back (save perhaps for the mysterious Cypher).

Either way, i was tested and was found wanting. Today i attended a 1750 local tournament, and instead of taking the army that i have always relied upon and trusted, i borrowed a mates Chaos Space Marines. It was my first game ever, and due to a lack of some models i had to remake the list that i had in mind during the initial stages of the tournament so in essence i delayed the start of the tournament for 15 minutes, for which i apologize deeply to my opponents.

Eight hours later i found myself having won all 3 games, with 2 complete wipe outs of my enemies and the third game having ended on turn 5 due to time limit with my opponent only having 3 predators left on the table while i had 80% of my army still alive. In todays post il try to give a brief detail of the 3 games and how i utilized the list i was using.


When forming the list i initialy thought of making a horde army and sending them to outflank with Huron, however after some research and statistic crunching i decided to go with a Nurgly themed list:

2 x Feldrakes
2 x Plague marine units
2 x Oblits with mark of Nurgle
2 x Zombies
2 Rhinos

(I didnt keep a list of all the upgrades but they reached the total of 1750)

Game 1 Vs Chaos Space Marines
Hammer and Anvil, Scouring

My opponent fielded Abbadon and  large units of chosen, backed up by warp talons, obliterators with mark of tzeentch and missile launcher carrying havocs with flakk! I had to deploy 3 objectives so i did so closer to my zone. From that point on i knew id just sit back and wait for him to come to me. Basicaly the game involved me shooting with my obliterators at his forces, and my Heldrakes burning everything they saw. He actualy got skyfire on one of his units due to mysterious objectives but i think i killed 8 chosen and eliminated all the weapons that could harm me due to baleflame! The one point of the game i was worried about was when his warptalons assaulted my plague zombies, but Typhus came up to them and wooped some ass! We played 7 rounds, with his last chosen running off the board. My opponents biggest mistake was walking Abbadon alone to me, at which point i jst shot him with all my forces and killed him.

Important lesson learned: Zombies can hold off a unit of 10 warptalons for at least 2-3 rounds.

Game 2 Vs Dark Angels
Dawn of war, Relic

I played against a whole Deathwing army. He kept his termies bunched up and i took advantage of that by shooting plasma cannons every chance i could, combined with feldrakes giving him 5 wounds each round. I simply bloked him from getting the relic by surrounding it with the rhinos at which point i had taken out half his army. Then when he got close, i assaulted him with ALL my army, every single model on the table was engaged in one MASSIVE combat. Kharn became a demon prince. Eventualy the zombies grinded him, with Typhus and Kharn slaying swathes of terminators. Game ended turn 5 with him not having any models left.

Important lesson learned: One must first goad his enemy into coming to the middle of the board where you can assault with all the models you posses.

Game 3 Vs Mech Blood angels
Trigonometry deployment, The emperors will (1 objective each)

This was my hardest game. He had 5 baals, a storm raven, mephiston , aegis and 3 units of assault marines fully kitted out. He bunched up in his corner. I deployed the 2 zombie units, the 2 obliterator units and typhus. Basicaly the game started on turn 3 because untill then we were just exchanging long range firepower with him killing some zombies and me doing nothing. On turn 3 my maulerfiend and a rhino came in from reserves, i moved it 12 inched as close to his "camp" as possible. The maulerfiend too. He blew up the rhino that same turn and i had to footslog Kharn and his plague buddies for the next turn towards his objective. When i finaly reached it, he tried to slow me with 10 assaults marines, but Kharn made short work of them with his ridiculous amount of attacks. When my dragons came, the game changed. I would fly in 36 inchers, flame his power armor marines another 12 inches away and not get hit. He did eventualy kill one dragon with his stormraven, but by then i had blown up 2 of his Baals, and killed all his troops. The game basicaly ended with Kharn and a maulerfiend ganking up on Mephiston and killing him. I had denied him his objective while what was left of my zombies was still holding mine. It was a strange game in the way that i wasnt really sure where it turned. Im guessing it was when the dragons came in, but it happened so gradualy that untill the last turn i wasnt sure whether i was winning or not

Important lesson learned: Str 6 hurts zombies, fighting mech is annoying, having your forces come piecemeal from reserves can cost you the game


Next week "Anvil of Heroes" the best and greatest singles tournament in my opinion will be happening in Greece, i plan to use a similar list at that event. Im hoping that wel have a much better quality coverage from this event and im sure youle be seeing the results pop up on this site!


  1. Sounds like you had a good time :) cool briefs, I'm lucky not to have faced off against blood angels yet, but your tactic about surrounding the objectives with rhinos is genius. Consider that pilfered.

  2. Im glad it helped! Also when he does destroy a rhino, the guys who are inside it can still get out grab it and run away while the other people can tarpit the unit that destroyed the rhino :)

  3. Did you attach Kharn to a Plague Marines unit, or did I misunderstand you? All the other stuff you told it's great, I think it's a very balanced and complete list :)

    1. Anon: It sounds like he did yeah.

      I hadn't thought about the zombie horde, not really big on taking special characters, lord knows why. I've got a couple of units of cultists from the dark vengeance box (obviously), I'm wondering if it's worse banding them into a large 20 man mob or not? What do you think?

  4. @ Anonymous Yes i did, i really didnt expect him to perform that well, i knew that Kharn wd be targeted as if he got into close combat hed wreak havoc, so i put him in a Rhino with a bunch of Plague marines who absorbed all the plasma/bolter/missile fire! At first i was worried that he cdnt assault on the turn he disembarked from the rhinos etc, but as i saidm the plague marines countered that fact.

    @ Grim you most definately should, i used 2 x 20 plague zombie squads (prolly shd update the post for accurate numbers heh) and to be honest it was an overkill, as in every game id have like a bunch of zombies still alive. Im thinking of shrinking the 2x20 to 2x15 and perhaps get and extra plague marines or something!

    1. Can you join a Khorne guy to a unit of Nurgle guys? Or Plaguemarines are unmarked?

    2. Consider it done. It also freed up another 10 pts which got spent on giving my Bikers the Mark of Khorne

  5. You can join Khorne anywhere you want! They are marked as Nurgle, but youre mixing the Demon codex with the space marine one!

    1. meh not plague marines, zombies i meant as they have no mark despite sounding nurgly