Friday, 26 October 2012

Necron Cryptek conversions

Just another quick update to show you guys what I've been doing this week. So, I needed four Crypteks for my new army list and I didn't want to spend tons of monies for the single pose guy. Looking around on the intrawebs and stealing ideals from other blogs/forums this is what I did.

The conversions are mainly based around the Lychguard kit with Deathmark heads. I softened the legs with a hair dried and gave them appropriate slouching positions since the Lychguards are so damn upright and stiff. Similarly using green stuff I made their torsos to lean forward giving them and aged and tired appearance. Hope you guys like what I've done so far, comments and criticism are always welcomed.


  1. I like them a lot better then the GW Kit! Great Work making them look unique.