Monday, 21 February 2011

Vintage Imperial Guard army for sale

Don't worry, I am not retiring my good ol' guard army just yet. There is still a lot of play in it. I am just helping my mate Spyros to sell his vintage guard models since he never uses them anyway. We started the Warhammer hobby with Spyros back in early highschool. I was more into Fantasy then but he was more into 40K. He has accumulated a lot of models over the years and now he wants to get rid some of them.

This includes:

3 x Infantry Squads
1 Officer
1 Command Squad
1 Commisar
1 Yarrick
1 Ratling squad
2 x Leman Russ
1 Hellhound
3 x Chimera

Mind you that all the infantry models are vintage metal ones and kinda rare these days. The army is painted at a basic standard. Since the models are just basecoated you could just continue painting on top with washes and drybrushing and get a more elaborate result or even strip the paint off quite easily since they are metal models.

If a buyer is found in Athens they could arrange to meet with Spyros for the army delivery or else the buyer will pay for P&P. The whole army will go for 240 EUR/ 330 USD/ 200 GBP. So here are more pictures, let me know if you are interested:


  1. How much is he looking for them roughly?

  2. He could go for 180 pounds plus P&P (not sure how much that would be). If you are interested let me know I can get you in contact with my mate.