Wednesday, 27 July 2011

BA failures so far

Yikes, I haven't posted in such a long time. I could say I have been busy of course, but that's not entirely the truth. It was my official "video games month" so I spent most of my (extensive) free time playing Wii and Xbox games. More recently I've been  playing a lot of Kill Team (I will do a review of it soon). 

Furthermore, my FLGS closed down (feels bad man) and I've been doing pretty bad (in gaming terms) with my Blood Angels, so I haven't been too eager for 40K. However I managed to attend two tournaments (you can read reports from the Invulnerable blog, here and here) and too badly as well. My battle score with my current list is: 6W-4D-8L which is pretty bad if you consider that with my IG it was : 14W-4D-2L for almost the same number of games.

The game is not all about winning, I know, but I just wish I did little bit better with the list. If I had around 55% wins it would be perfect. I think the reason that I'm not doing well with the list is because I can't fully adapt to it. I'm too used playing with the reliable and resilient IG which can give you many easy wins. With BA, every mistake (especially in deployment) will cost you dearly and every unit cannot be wasted. Not having any  long range firepower doesn't help either. I think some Devastators would work really well and I am in the process of building them. We will see how this goes. If you guys got any tips of how to play better with a BA jumpers list it will be much appreciated!


  1. I think you are experiencing the same thing I did with my White Scars last year around this time. Fast moving melta weapons and assault units are nice, but not being able to open up tanks and thin out units from afar cripples the armies.

    Similarly, I think a lot of people have now seen the army in action and know how to counter it. So you have to throw them a curve ball and mix things up!

    So I really think two units of devestators with a priest to babysit them will do a world of wonders for you. Also, give some Land Speeder Typhoons a shot to. I know they are armor in a deep striking army, but they are really amazing at doing their job.

  2. Thanks Brandon. Yeah I think Devs will work well but still not sure on Speeders. How long can a couple of token vehicles in an all foot list survive?

  3. Well in my all bike list they usually last all game.

    With that being said I provide more menacing threats aka bikes and they absorb the fire power. I feel that assault marines would do the same in your list. But they would all have to come in at the same time!