Friday, 19 August 2011

Happy birthday to the blog!

Many people (including me) may not have noticed that this blog turned one year old a couple of  weeks ago. Who could expect that? Certainly not me. I am notoriously bad at finishing things that I start so committing to the blog for such a long time is nothing but amazing for my standards. The format of the blog, the content and even my ideas changed dramatically over the last 12 months but one thing stayed consistent. It's still feeding my passion for Warhammer 40K

When I started blogging (that is, reading other blogs too) I had a very different mindset about the game. I wanted comped tournaments and battlepoints at some point, believe it or not. By reading some excellent articles in blogs such as 3++, BoV, The Back40k and others, it helped me shape a totally different opinion. Competitive 40k stopped being such a mystery to me and all the little pieces fell into place. The blogsphere is also a great place for finding hobby articles (such as for converting and painting) so I would definitely recommend for everyone to delve into it.

So, yeah, my point of view for many 40K related subjects changed though the blogging experience. So did the content of my blog. I was originally intending to just post pictures of my painted stuff. I am not the most diligent painter out there though so that would amount to a couple of posts per month. Not a very good way for people to find you out and started reading your stuff. So I started to write about my second favorite aspect of the hobby. Playing. I started with some battle reports since I figured out you don't have to be an expert to write one up. Then I even did some of my own tactics (gasp!) articles. Not sure if they helped anyone out there but I hope they did.

My point is that blogging made me rethink a lot about 40k and helped me push my ideas and tactics further on. And that must be a good thing right? Nothing good ever came out of stability, it's change that pushes us forward. So I hope I will be blogging and evolving for the following 12 months to come. Amen to that.


  1. Happy Birthday!!
    Looking forward to year two!!

  2. Happy birthday. 1 year is a big accomplishment. Here's to one more.

  3. Happy birthday!

    I agree with you that blogging (both writing and reading) can be a great motivator and inspiration. Look forward to another year mate :)

  4. Reading blogs such as yours and returning the favour by blogging, has kept fire in my belly for the Hobby since my return to it.

    Happy Birthday, here's to many more mate.

  5. Happy birthday. Thanks for the shoutout, and I'm glad I can inspire you, since your painting skills and blogging inspire me.

  6. Cheers guys, I really appreciate this. Sharing your stuff with the rest of the world and getting good feedback is a major motivator for me. Even that small virtual pat in the back of approval can be very precious for a socially shunned hobby like ours.

  7. Happy Birthday! I still enjoy reading about all of those tournaments you attend!