Friday, 28 October 2011

Ogre Pirate Maneater Completed

That's the first guy I've painted for my new army and I must say that I am thrilled. Most of the Ogre model range is awesome and this particular guy was a joy to paint. Quite addictive actually. The large surfaces of the models are very convenient for blending. I followed the 'Eavy Metal paint scheme quite closely since I really liked the original colours (especially the rusted weapons) with a few changes here and there. The main difference is that I  painted most of the cloths quite darker so that the flesh and red tones would be more prominent. I also painted the gnoblar parrot differently since I wanted him to have a yellow beak. Speaking of the little fellor

Say 'ello to my little friend, indeed!
What a great little addition to an already awesome model. Can't wait to paint more Ogres now. So let me know what you guys think, comments and feedback are always welcomed. 


  1. Wow that's insanely nice. This army is going to be beautiful on the tabletop.

  2. OK, so this is 'Eavy Metal or yours? :P

  3. Cheers guys. Well it's very nice to know that you can spent 3-4 days on a model and finish the army before the Second Coming (since the army got only 30 models). Yeah,I know, I said the same thing about my Blood Angels but that's a different story (I hope).

  4. Now that is the EPIC beard I was talking about.

    Anyways you better get painting, 6th edition is coming in like eight months!!!

  5. Wow thats a really nice model,Impresive!