Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A pleasant surprise

Just a story of good customer services really. Sometimes Games Workshop drives me to desprair but it always manage to restore my faith in the end.

So, I had to place an order with the Games Workshop web store. I usually prefer to buy stuff from my local independent retailer store since it's the hub for gaming in my area. Without it there will be no place to play Warhammer around and it attracts regular gamers daily.

I needed some bitz though so I had to buy directly from Games Workshop. My order was dispatched on the 17th of July. I was away from Athens for the best part of August so I didn't really take notice my parcel had not arrived at the time. When I came back, at the beginning of September, I really started to worry.

I checked with my local post office but they told me that they had not received anything for me. Since I had nothing else to do I sent an email at GW customers services and explained the problem. It took them some time to reply (about five days) but when they did they assured me that they were going to sent it again since it was probably lost.

Few days ago I received the eagerly awaited package. Upon opening it I realised that it contained something extra. A blister of Forefather Vulkan He'Stan. I checked the invoice and they hadn't charged me for it. I sent them an email telling them what happened and today they replied that I should keep it along with their compliments.

So I did wait for almost 2 months to get my order but I was rewarded for my patience in the end (not that I had any other choice really). I think it's a sign from the Dice Gods  to start a Space Marine army ;)


  1. Nice one always good to hear positive feedback on GW for a change! However, putting Vulkan in by way of an apology id like giving out free cocaine! I see plastic in your future, plastic in the shape of Thunder Hammers, Storm Shields and Land Raiders!

  2. OMG yes! Maybe it's an evil ploy by GW so I can burn even more money on my addiction...err...I mean hobby!
    I've actually been thinking about Salamanders list but I don't know much about SM. I should sent you guys an email and ask for advice.

  3. It's good to hear that worked out for you! As much as people complain about GW's customer service, I've heard a lot of stories like these - they can't be all bad!

  4. Never had an issue with GW webstore to be honest. I've only ordered a few times from them (mainly bits and collector models that I can't find on my FLGS) and no problem came up whatsoever.